Which twin has the broken arm???

Jordynn & Hailee

Jordynn & Hailee

Can you tell?   Moral of the story … NEVER climb on wet monkey bars!  

My twin granddaughters ~ Jordynn and Hailee.   Hailee on the right, fell off the monkey bars on Saturday and broke two bones in her arm…ugh.   Thankfully, no surgery was needed and they say she’s young enough that it won’t affect her when she is older AND, pink is her favorite color!



  1. Poor thing!! Hope she heals quickly!! Yes, I think that Teddy stamp might be perfect for this occasion – lol! 🙂

  2. Yes, I think you need 3-Step Get Well Teddy! Poor Hailee! I hope it heals quick and pain-free!

  3. what a bunch of sassy girls! don’t let their smiles fool you! 😉

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