Silly Anna

Silly Anna

I may have mentioned the fact the my grand kids are the cutest………….

This is Anna, also living in Florida and also missed very much!    Here’s my Magnolia card verison of Anna ~

Magnolia Anna

Magnolia Anna



     Yup, cutest kids in the world!    🙂
close up

close up



  1. Very sweet card, and what a cutie Anna is with her flowered sweater and “jewels!”

  2. OMG she is adorable!!! And the card is cute as well!! 🙂

  3. I love how you have the image sitting outside the circle. And it does resemble your DGD. How fun!

  4. I LOVE your card and your little Anna is such a cutie! TFS.

  5. Your little Anna and your cards are adorable. My granddaughters are teens now but I still remember the days of 4 year olds with such joy. Thankfully, they still enjoy getting my cards.

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