House Mouse Challenge No. 6 ~ STITCHING!!!

Poor Mom

Poor Mom

Yes, it’s Happy House Mouse Monday, once again!   🙂

I just love this stamp … the poor mother’s face says it all!   And, if you count, there are EIGHT kids; Can you even imagine?  Whew!  

As I’ve mentioned MANY, MANY times, I don’t sew!!   hmmm….but, that’s why it’s called a Challenge, right?  Please note:  ALL of the stitching on this card is done BY HAND (by my hand, in fact, which now includes many needle holes!)      



I hope you can go to the HM Challenge blog and check out all the cards.  I am always blown away by the awesome creations of my very talented design teammates.   And, why not have a try at “stitching”… believe me, if I can do it, ANYONE can! 

Here’s a closeup of the EIGHT kids and poor Mom’s face ~ makes me laugh every time:  

EIGHT kids!!

EIGHT kids!!

The yarn balls are actually needlepoint floss and the knitting/crochet needles/hooks are NAILs! 
I can’t forget to give credit (once again) to my sister Nancy for graciously (no complaints at all) stamping all of her old Stampa Rosa HM images for me, including this one.  I’m forever in her debt ….  uh oh.   🙂


  1. Oh my Gosh! How terrific this is. All the stitching and the yarn covering the yarn balls. Those details make this card fabulous.

  2. This is totally cool. You are awesome doing all this by hand. More guts than me. And yes 8 kids. EEK… No way. lol

  3. This is truly a wonderful card! Great idea to use nails as knitting needles! Great stitching job.

  4. You always come up with the most clever design ideas!!! I love the actual “yarn” and the “knitting needles”. You are incredibly creative!!! I feel privileged to be one of your teammates:o) Your creations are consistently perfect and totally awesome!!! ANother card by Mary that I absolutely adore!!!


  5. That is so adorable, I love the stitching crosses or are they kisses.


  6. Nancy Stevens says:

    Do you ever sleep??!! Your ideas are priceless, as they say! This card is just fabulous. You should think about sewing more often, your work is wonderful!!

  7. Hello Mary!
    You made the sweetest card ever this week! I just have to tell you how creative and perfect it is! The NAILS and the yarn balls are so clever – and your stitching is so neat. I had to do mine by hand too but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as yours. AWESOME card!


  8. Oh my word!! This is so adorable!! What attention to details.. you rock!

  9. Holy cow, this card is so amazing it needs to be framed and put up on my wall. LOL. Seriously this card and the details are fantastic!

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