Confused??? Me???? LOL

Sorry about any confusion with the posts below…I preschedule my HM projects to post at a certain time each week and since I did THREE things this week, I tried to post them in a certain order, but that didn’t work.  Hence the 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.  being out of order!  

AND, I am having TWO chances to win a box of cards – one on my blog for a comment on the post below AND on the HM Challenge blog for a “Anything But a Card” submission!   Phew…sorry about all the confusion!  Now back to our regularly scheduled program!!  🙂



  1. Chance of winning a box of cards or not, just had to say how much I enjoyed your site. Love these little mice! Thanks for the colouring tips, I have been experimenting with various colour combos and have come up with some pretty bizarre looking mice – LOL. I’m in a state of “creative constipation” these days and was scanning splitcoast to see what everyone is doing and I came across your cardz. Keep on creating – you made me smile!!!

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