House Mouse Challenge No. 10 ~ Anything But a Card (Project 1 of 3!!!)

Hmmmm…..notice the name of my blog?  My CARDZ!  🙂   I haven’t done much to step out of the “box” in trying any projects other than cardz!   Yikes.   Once again, a TRUE challenge.  The funniest part is that I ended up doing THREE projects for this challenge!  lol  Sooo, Happy House Mouse Monday!!!

As I wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby (a craft store), I came across some clear glass blocks normally found at the hardware/home design type stores!  Each block had a hole drilled and included suggestions for various projects using it.  One was a light!!  Ding, ding, ding.  I had the PERFECT stamp for this!  🙂 

I colored my little HM scene on a piece of acetate with Copics and Shimmerz, backed the acetate with a piece of vellum to cut some of the glare, tacked this onto the front of the block with some sticky tape and added lights to the inside of the glass block:

Joy to the World

Joy to the World

Here’s a really badly focused shot, but I wanted to give a different angle of the block:

side view

side view

and a closeup view:

Singing Mice

Singing Mice

Hope you would like take a stab at “Anything But a Card”!   Please take a look at what the other DT members have created, always amazing stuff!



  1. My goodness, what great eye candy to start the week. You were busy, weren’t you! I love this image, and love your ingenuity in putting it with this glass block. Great job! Looks like a HM Christmas for sure.

  2. jtmontgomery says:

    Ok, dont take this the wrong way but I think it not only makes a nice holiday decoration, but also a great holiday night light 🙂

  3. Exquisite!!!! You have created a total stunner with this beauty!!! Like I said…you are the Stamping Diva for sure!!!! I more than love it, but I don’t know what word is stronger than love…if you know what it is, please insert it (:here:)


  4. Now what an amazing idea, who would ever have thought of that, but you!!!
    I’m planning on using these glass bricks in our bathroom, would it be too much if these cute mousies invaded our house, lol.
    Don’t know which project I prefer, the’re all stunning!

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