I feel famous! (in England!) :)

Ann's picture


One of the very nicest people I’ve come across in this blogging world, is Ann at http://whitchcraft.blogspot.com/  She really leaves the nicest, kindest comments on sooooo many blogs, while she does some very amazing work herself!   Hope you can take a look at what she’s done.   She liked my little (3×3) bee card so much, that I sent it to her.  As you can see, she framed it!  How cool is that….I feel famous!  🙂     Thanks for looking.   TGIF!!!!  (Big Time)



  1. Hey, you are famous…your work is always wonderful! What a lucky girl!

  2. told ya 🙂

  3. To me, you have always been a CELEBRITY!!!:O) ENjoy your weekend!!!


  4. Wow, I know you feel honored. That card is so cute and looks so special all framed. Congrats on such an honor.

  5. This is totally Beewitching! Your work is fabulous and deserves to be beautifully framed!

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