Just a quickie!



Couldn’t pass up this stamp today at my local stamping store ~ How perfect is that?!  🙂   They make these for other states too, Illinois, Michigan, etc….probably not Florida!  Conveniently, the phone number showed up in the picture, so if you’d like one, give em a call!!  I swear I’m really not employed there ~ the store is called Crackerbox Palace, in Janesville, WI.   

I’m working on a project for the PTI Blog Hop later today.  So, if you’re not busy (and have no life, like me! lol) be sure to stop back later tonight.  I’ll include a link for you to see all the very talented blogs participating in the Hop.  The theme this month is POLKA DOTS.    🙂



  1. Nancy Stevens says:

    OMG! This is a fabulous stamp!! They should make one for Florida to read “contents may be melted”. Hey, maybe we could start DESIGNING rubber stamps??!!! What a team we could be!!! 🙂

  2. That’s a great stamp. Had to comment that I know where Janesville is because I used to go to my Uncle’s summer home on Lake Koshkonong. Spent lots of week-ends up there. Since I live in Florida, I no longer get up that way, but my cousins still go faithfully almost every week-end.

  3. too funny!

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