May you never forget the flavor of Snowflakes! :)



I really LOVE this sentiment!  It’s sooo true…snowflakes have a very distinctive flavor; More importantly, the flavor of snow seems to bring back memories of childhood ~ back when you could eat snow and no one thought you were crazy!!  All of my brothers and sisters have moved from WI to warmer climates, so this is for them.  🙂

The light purple centers are painted with Shimmerz, in lilac.   Here’s a closeup for you to see the “shimmer”.





  1. ahhhh, this is pretty. I do like snowflakes on cards. And I keep saying I’ll get some of those Shimmerz and I keep forgetting, oh well one day I’ll remember. Great layout. Your family will love this if you send it to them.
    Take care & keep smiling
    Ann x

  2. Nancy Stevens says:

    For Me??? I love it! It is gorgeous! And always remember that we don’t have to shovel sunshine… 🙂 Love you.

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