Snow Bunny Bella! :)

Snow Bunny Bella

Snow Bunny Bella

Finally was able to use one of the Bella images from the very kind and talented ~ Susan at   

I was surprised with a new camera tonight!!  Holy Cow ~ this is a mega camera; I’m used to just pressing a button to take a picture…not anymore.   Hmmm….you know what they say about old dogs?   This dog may have to take some classes.   But, wow, what a VERY cool gift!!   🙂     Let me know if you can tell the difference.   Thanks for dropping in!!  





  1. All that glitter is pretty on this card!

  2. Cute card! I love the addition of sparkle.

  3. Nancy Stevens says:

    (Your not-so-secret-santa must be up to something!) Your photos are superb! Not to mention the cards themselves! Beautiful, just beautiful!

  4. you spoiled brat! what kind of camera did you get!?!?

  5. Ooooo sparkels. The colours on this are FAB-U-LOUS, and Bella looks devine 🙂
    Take Care & Keep Smiling
    Ann x

  6. Ooh, love it, as always! Glad you got your new camera!! 🙂

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