Sankta Lucia / Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy’s Day (Sankta Lucia, Saint Lucia) is the Church feast day dedicated to St. Lucy and is observed on December 13. It retains traditional forms of celebration mainly in Scandinavia, parts of the United States and southern Europe. It is celebrated in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Italy, Bosnia, Iceland, and Croatia. In the United States, people in areas of Minnesota and other states with Scandinavian roots continue to celebrate the holiday, often centered around church events. In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the few saint days observed in Scandinavia.

In the Lucia procession in the home, the oldest daughter brings coffee and St. Lucia buns to her parents while wearing a candle-wreath and singing a Lucia song. Other daughters may help, dressed in the same kind of white robe and carrying a candle in one hand, but only the oldest daughter wears the candle-wreath:

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia

This little girl celebrating  Saint Lucy Day  is actually Tilda by Magnolia stamps.  Not too crazy about how the completed card turned out…a little toooooo busy for me, but I did want to share this interesting tradition.  I also believe, after more research, that I misspelled “Saint” here.   I apologize for that error!   Ugh.

St. Lucy

St. Lucy

Happy St. Lucy Day!

Happy St. Lucy Day!

A VERY Happy St. Lucy Day to all who celebrate!   🙂



  1. Very cute card. Little Tilda is adorable. Great coloring again.

  2. In Slovenia we celebrate by seeding the “christmas grain” that’s suppose to sprout until Christmas and symbolises the rebirth of the nature.
    Happy St. Lucy’s Day to all!

  3. Busy? Not at all!!! I think it is stunning!!! I love how Tilda has a delightful glow about her. Absolutely beautiful!!!


  4. Jen S in warm sunny FL says:

    Cute little girl! I like how her sash coordinates with the bow on the card! Great job!

  5. Mary, I love it! I love how you did the lace on her dress and I also love Tilda. The whole card looks perfect and not too busy. Thanks for sharing the tradition. I have my daughter’s “Kirsten” AG doll dressed in her Santa Lucia outfit with her wreath on and she looks so festive.

  6. Helllllloooooooo, I don’t visit for a few days and I come back to a MOUNTAIN of fabulous cards, Love it!
    This card isn’t busy at all, it’s lovely, especially her dress. I’d never heard of Saint Lucia till I seen these stamps, though I’m not sure about wearing candles on my head!
    Take care & keep smiling

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