A VERY Merry Christmas to YOU! :)

I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas…I hope that this Christmas brings a very special joy into your life!   I also would like to take this time thank you ALL for your always kind and inspirational comments! 

I do need to apologize for being late with the last three of the Twelve Days of Christmas cards.  I’ve had a rough four days this week – something that I’m allergic too has caused me to have hives day and night, EVERYWHERE on my body!!  So, in addition to the two prescription allergy meds I normally take, I’ve been taking Benadryl around the clock and covering myself in Cortisone cream!   It’s been VERY miserable!    I think we’ve found the reason and hope I can get back to normal and finally finish those last three cards.   Ugh.   Till then…a Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and yours.   Be safe.    ~   Mary



  1. What an awful time to encounter hives! I’m so sorry. Merry Christmas to you and I’ll look forward to seeing your cards when you get a chance to do them. Hugs,

  2. Hey, Merry Christmas to you too!! I was beginning to wonder where the other cards had gotten to!!

    By the way – I managed to make a multi-fold card that included all the stamps on the twelve days set (not in the right number, but one of each!!) I was quite pleased with it and I think that Mum and Dad like it too!!

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. oh so sorry to hear of your delimma…hope you are well soon!

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