Uh Oh!!!

Bunny Cruise

Bunny Cruise

I just received the news….They’ve released BRAND NEW House Mouse and Happy Hopper stamps!!!!   Be still my heart!   🙂    Here’s the link if you would like to see all the cuteness…  http://www.house-mouse.com/php/newrubberstamps.php    The one above has to be one of my favorites ~ that little rubber ducky is perfect!   Of course, this one is also toooooooo cute:
The Bunny Hop
The Bunny Hop

Why do they do this right after Christmas!!   Sigh.  CHARGE!!   🙂



  1. Love both of them but the Bunny Hop is just too cute. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Jen S in warm sunny FL says:

    Uh-oh is right!! Those are just adorable! I can see a whole lot of bunnies in your future!!

  3. somebody stop her!!!! those stamps are super cute!

  4. Aw love love love the bunnies bouncing on the bed. Grrr no money left for stamps after Xmas. tha

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