My Talented Sister …


You may have noticed that I love the quilt stamps from PTI, unfortuntely, I have never done any real quilting.  My sister, Nancy, however, totally rocks at quilting.  I just had to show you a couple of the things she made for me for Christmas….they are so amazing.  My jaw dropped when I opened her gifts!!

Here’s a quilted piece in the most beautiful colors…

Quilt by Nancy

Quilt by Nancy

Here’s a closeup view of all the details…really amazing!

Quilt Blocks

Quilt Blocks

I’ve been trying to convince her to start a blog, with no luck… Don’t you agree that she should ???   🙂

This is a towel she also made with a beautiful angel, in purple (of course) for me:



 Obviously she is the one with the REAL talent in the family… I’m the good-looking one!   LOL



  1. WOW! Nancy is so talented, I wish she would start her own blog and share how she makes these fabulous quilts. You’re so lucky to have such gorgeous Christmas presents! I’ll take you’re word for it that you’re the good looking one LOL! Chris

  2. Jen S in warm sunny FL says:

    I am so blessed to have a talented and good-looking Mom and Aunt!! But, obviously none of either got passed down to me!! I cannot believe my mom said “rock”! 🙂

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