With Gratitude! :)

I’ve been extremely busy at my office recently with year-end and new-year tasks.  Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to visit many of my favorite blogs to let you know how much I love your creations!  

I realize there are sooo many awards given to various blogs and I wanted to create my own ~ personal ~  from the heart award.

My sister, Valerie, has spearheaded an amazing project called the Winter Feast for the Soul  http://www.winterfeastforthesoul.com/ which now has thousands of participants throughout the world.  Please take a peek at her site for all the details.   

One of the sponsors of the Winter Feast is http://www.gratefulness.org/, a very cool site encouraging gratitude.  I wrote to them asking if I could use one of their cards to give to my wonderfully talented blogging friends.  They said YES!     I fell in love with one particular picture, it’s purple of course, but sooooo amazingly beautiful …  It was exactly what I had in mind!    And so, this is for you:


Lotus inspiration

No special rules for this one, feel free to pass it along to as many blogs as you wish!  I would love it if you would post the picture and link to Gratefulness.org.  

Just know that this comes from my heart to you ~ my inspriation!   🙂

America at http://cardsbyamerica.blogspot.com/

Anja at http://artefaktotum.blogspot.com/

Ann at http://whitchcraft.blogspot.com/

Annchen at http://annchenssmallcreations.blogspot.com/

Brenda at http://www.luv2glitter.blogspot.com/

Carolyn at http://pmsetc.blogspot.com/

Chris at http://sketchingstamper.blogspot.com/

Connie at  http://stampinfrogscreativejourney.blogspot.com/

Danni at http://dannisdreamscrafts.blogspot.com/

Els at http://els-galfi.blogspot.com/

Emma at http://stamp-addict.blogspot.com/

Jane at http://anythingbutplainjane.blogspot.com/

Janine at http://www.2bkrafty.blogspot.com/

Janneke at http://jannekesfreubels.blogspot.com/

Jennifer at http://www.inking-obsessions.blogspot.com/

Jessica G. at http://jessobsession.blogspot.com/

Joani at http://joaniscardsmadebyhand.blogspot.com/

Judy at http://www.jarfullofjoy.blogspot.com/

Karen at http://krbskorner.blogspot.com/

Leigh at http://larleigh-leigh.blogspot.com/

Lori at http://www.loribarnett.blogspot.com/

Martha Kay at http://raining-rubber.blogspot.com/

Mueppi at http://mueppis-bastelwelt.blogspot.com/

Sam at http://yetanothercardblog.blogspot.com/

Shary at http://shary-theothersideofme.blogspot.com/

 Stacy at http://twinshappy.blogspot.com/

Sue K. at http://www.suesstampingstuff.blogspot.com/

Sue at http://www.suestamping.com/

Susan at http://www.susansdayoffcreations.blogspot.com/

Suzy at http://blog.papermonkey.org/

Tammy at http://www.stamphappy-tammy.typepad.com/

Teresa at http://www.crafteresa.blogspot.com/

I hope I have not missed anyone…if I find that I did, I will immediately add you to this list!!   Thanks for putting up with my long-winded post today!   🙂



  1. Jessica G says:

    Mary — I’m so honored! This is such a beautiful award; I’ll be sure to pass it along and spread the word about gratefulness.org, too!

  2. Oh my! You totally made my jaw drop! I simply adore your work and in no way consider myself an inspiration….wow! Thank you for this. I no longer put awards on my blog, but I am so moved by this….thank you a zillion times over!

  3. That pic is beautiful! Thanks so much for including me….you are also an inspiration to me as well as tons of other stampers out there in blog land. Thanks again…you are a sweetheart 🙂 ((HUGS))

  4. where the heck is my name??

  5. I was sooo surprised to see my name on your award list. Your work is outstanding I love your HM creations. Thank you soooo much I am flattered. xxx
    Have a great weekend.

  6. I’m surprised my name to read and look forward to huge !!!!!!
    This is a nice start for a Sunday!
    Thank you very much for this lovely award!
    Have a nice Sunday!!
    I send you a lot of hugs from germany

  7. Thanks Mary! What a nice picture this is. I will post it sometime this week.

  8. Oh Mary,
    what a surprise, I feel so honored! It’s such a spezial beautiful award! That picture is so amazing! Thank you so much for including me:-)Your blog with your artworks is also an inspiration to me.
    Have an nice sunday!
    I’m glad and now I’ll put the wonderful pic on my blog.

    Best wishes, Anja from germany

  9. Ohhhh Mary! I cannot believe you gave me an award!YOU are the inspiration,Not me!I love your cards and yes I am a mouse a holic
    and very proud to be!HaHaHa
    The award pic is sooooo BEAUTIFUL! I will put it on my blog with the link as soon as I figure how to do this!But right now I have to go to my granddaughter first cheerleading game!(Yah)
    Hope you are having a great and safe Sunday!I am now with this award!!!
    Thank You
    Connie (aka stampinfrog)

  10. Mary, thank you SO much! I’m sorry I’m so delinquent in thanking you for naming me among your list of inspirational bloggers. You are the one who’s inspiring. Thank you and I’ll post it soon on my blog.

  11. Thank you so much for this amazing award! How sweet of you to create your own from the heart award (that’s so you!!!) and giving it to me too! I LOVE it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    I’m passing it back on to you, because I’m so grateful for your visits, kind words and support!

  12. Aw thank you very much! I have linked it on my blog!

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