House Mice at the Inauguration ~ Proud to be an American! :)

Proud Americans

Proud Americans

Bet you didn’t even know that these guys were at the inauguration too!  🙂   They are obviously very proud of their country ~  singing along with Aretha!!   For anyone who missed it, Aretha Franklin sang at the inauguration ceremony for our new President Obama.  The talk of the town was Aretha’s hat ~  I LOVE bows and this one was truly an inspiring bow:

Big Bow!

Big Bow!

A VERY special THANK YOU to my DS, Nancy, for sending me MORE HM stamped images!!   She is a true inspiration to me!!   🙂  This image is one of the many I received from her.

Rosey Cheeks

Rosy Cheeks

I made their cheeks a little darker than normal, since it was a very chilly day for the inauguration!   They are supposed to be holding sparklers…not sure if it comes across that way!   LOL                                                                                              

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for House Mouse Monday!   🙂
Have a great and relaxing Sunday.


  1. Ummmm… I think the bow on the card needs to be BIGGER!!!! Very nice HM and colouring.

  2. What a wonderfully inspired card! I think no one will forget Aretha’s BOW for sure!

  3. Fabulous patriotic card. The colors are so vibrant.

  4. LOVE IT! I watch it on tv but I didnt see the mice!Hum I must need to get a new pair of glasses maybe with bifocals this time!HaHa
    Your coloring is Fantastic on this oh so sweet image!TFS

    Hope you will have a great and safe Sunday evening!
    Connie (aka stampinfrog)

  5. What a magnificient card. Love it…………

  6. OMGOSH… is this ever super fantastic!!! I SOOOOOOOOO love your word here!! And Im sooo my sending ya my mailing address for sending me this card…it’s 123 Main street …. lol… j/k. Its such a wonderfully designed and beautifully inspired card with coloring to perfection!!! Oh, and yeah, agree with above…. how could we possibly forget that giant bow on Aretha’s head??? LOL

  7. How wonderful is that?
    i love it!!!
    Hugs Gisela

  8. Sassy Crafts says:

    heehee!! I had to laugh. It really does look as if you have pinched the bow off her hat, shrunk it and added it to your card……lol (don’t say anything but i think it looks much better on your card). xxx

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