It’s Gone!!

I’ve lost it….my mojo (as they say) is gone!!    Can you help me find it??   I made TWO cardz tonight and I don’t like either of them!!   Yikes! 

I do have something important to share with you though….have I mentioned how VERY talented my grand kids are???   (I’m sure they get this from their grandma!)  lol

Hailee, one of my six year old twin granddaughters is in kindergarten this year….her artwork was chosen to be displayed at the local library.  😀    There was actually a ceremony held for the unveiling of the artwork!!     Ahhh…finally someone to give ALL these HM stamps to, since neither of  my daughters are interested in them!  

A star is born!

A star is born!

Check out the bling on that leaf!!!   🙂     And the colors!!   Amazing!   lol   I do think it’s so cool how kids seem to love rainbows and really do such an awesome job making them.

Hopefully,  I will recover my creative muse very soon….I’ll keep ya posted!



  1. Oh, this is lovely!! Aren’t you so proud of her. No doubt she’s been inspired by her very talented grandmother! Good for her and tell her to keep it up. I am convinced there is some sort of MOJO Flu going around, so be patient and it will get better. 🙂

  2. WHOA!! TALENT INDEED! ha ha ha…what a sweetie! You will find your mojo…that happens to me OFTEN… when it will be HUGE!!! 🙂

  3. Shirley Lacroix says:

    I love the art work. She I’m sure does get it from you.
    I have 2 granddaughters one who’s name is Hallie the other is
    Alyssa. Then I have 7 grandson’s.

    Hallie is 11 and she too love’s to make cards.
    Just like her grandma. We love all your House Mouse cards
    You could say we are crazy for the Mouse.
    Only on card stock however.
    I’m sure if we seen a real one we wouldn’t like them
    to much.

  4. Beautiful job, Hailee! You definitely inherited Grandma’s talent for creating colorful masterpieces!!

  5. yes, she definitely gets her skills from her grandma! they can’t wait to comeover and do more stamping and coloring!

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