Swinging Melanie!


Meet Melanie, another of the retro stamps from InStyle Stamps.  How cute is she?  And she sure looks like she’s having a blast!!  Since it was my turn to host “Method Monday” on the InStyle Stamps blog, I decided it would be fun to make Melanie REALLY swing on my card!  


It’s hard to tell from this picture, but Melanie actually moves!   Here are the steps taken to achieve this:

1.  Color and cut out your image, leaving a “tab” at the top to be attached to your second layer with a brad.


2.  Fold the “tab” as shown


3.  Determine where you would like to place your image on your DP


4.  Cut a triangle shape into your DP with a craft knife


5.  Slide tabbed image through cut to be sure it will fit


6.  Measure and cut second layer of paper for your card


7.  Mark placement of cut from DP onto your second layer


8.  Attached tabbed image to second layer with brad


9.  Finish your card as desired.  You now have a “Swinging” Melanie card!


Here are two pictures of the sentiments on the front and inside of the card:




Happy Spring….Hope YOU are able to take some time to play!    🙂    And don’t forget, ALL InStyle Stamps are on SALE until April 30th ~ Details can be found here.



  1. Fun, fun card!! I just love the eyelet for her earring!!

  2. That is SO clever, Mary!! Love this card!

  3. oh what a a fun card! That earring just cracked me up!

  4. How fun, what a perfect springtime card!

  5. Cute take on the swinging melanie stamp. Like the dp you used-perfect!

  6. Love, love, love this! The earing is tooooo darn cute!

  7. ROFL, I probably shouldn’t say this, BUT, the first thing to pop in my head when I saw this was “Me Jane, where Tarzan”. It’s GREAT, and how clever of you to make her move. The paper is great looks just like she’s up in the tree’s, and again absolute genius to use an eyelet for her earring. I think there will be a LOT of card makers out there using that idea. If you weren’t so darn lovely I think I could hate you for being such an ingenius little devil 🙂
    Take care & keep smiling
    Ann x

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