I love Flower Soft!


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Have you seen all the new Flower Soft colors available??!!   Wow!   My second favorite hobby is gardening (can you guess what my FAVORITE is??!)

With all the colors Flower Soft comes in, you could actually create an amazing life-like garden without even stepping outside! 

Flower Soft delivery

Flower Soft delivery

I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite FS colors with this card.

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For those of you who LOVE flowers as much as I do, you really should give it a try!  7 Kids College Fund has everything you need to add so much depth and dimension to your garden/flower cards.  I guarantee you will be impressed!    

   5 217

Hope you’re having a good weekend….thank you for stopping by today!  


Flower Soft colors used for this card:  Sunshine Yellow, Bright Pink, Lavender & Heather;  and Flower Soft High Tack PVA glue


  1. I like the painting of bi-cycle with flowers.

  2. Beautiful! Those flowers are gorgeous and they looks so ‘touchably’ real!!

  3. Oh you colored this image and it looks so like a Monet painting! Very pretty!

  4. OMG…………this card is STUNNING……………love love love it….. Thanks for the inspiration because I will be pulling out my flower soft today…….wow……..great fabulous card.

  5. Paola Norman says:

    Wow you are such a wonderful artist. Sue is right it does look like a painting! I have not heard of flower soft now I’m intrigued!
    Your card is so beautiful lucky is the person that receives it.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Take care,

  6. Holy smokes! This is super terrific Mary. Thanks for shariing this. Gotta try it! It makes your beautiful card looks super fabulous! Love it.

  7. Oooo VERY Monet, I do like your colouring on this and the papers are beautiful, what are they? And of course the flower soft 🙂 I bought some about three/four months ago, still haven’t used it or the Shimmerz paint you made me buy :p I always remember AFTER I finish the card, oh well.
    SOOooo sorry I haven’t been in touch , I’m the worst comment leaver EVER, I keep getting side tracked, but today I’ve put my blinkers on and concentating on whats in front of me and not what’s going on in the side panel, though I can see TALK TO THE HAM which looks intriguing.
    Take care & keep smiling
    PS. DO make a gardening blog, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your flowers 🙂

  8. hosting free you forever!

  9. Nice card. the color and the design is very pleasant to the eye.

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