Copic Coloring for Distressed Wood

I was trying to achieve a distressed/worn/aged look on a wooden fence for the Copic Creations  challenge of WOOD.  Aside from the great Marianne Walker’s I Like Markers blog, I wasn’t able to find any other tutorials on this subject!   So, I thought I would show you the steps I took to color this fence stamp.   Please keep in mind, I am not a Copic teacher – merely a Copic lover!  🙂 

The Copic colors I used are:  

E31 ~ Brick Beige (my lightest color)

E33 ~ Sand (medium color for shading)

E43 ~ Dull Ivory (medium color)

E57 ~ Light Walnut (darkest color)

6 037

Using my lightest color, E31 ~ Brick Beige, I outline each section of the fence.

6 040

I then continue to color-in each section with the same E31.  To quote Marianne, it’s okay if your coloring at this point is streaky, just be sure to color with the grain of the wood.

6 041

My next step is to add “streaks” in the mid-range color, E43 ~ Dull Ivory.

6 045

To add the darkest color, you do not want to be very heavy-handed ~ add very thin, short highlights.  I used the point of the broad end of the marker for this process, using E57 ~ Light Walnut.

6 046

Next, I again used E31 ~ Brick Beige to lightly blend the two darker colors together.

6 049

The final step for me is to use another medium toned color, E33~ Sand to add some shadow tones to the fence in areas that I wanted to look a little more distressed.

6 055

That’s it!   Obviously, there are many brown choices in Copic colors, but I wanted to show you my choices for an aged wooden fence.

6 057

Hope this is helpful… please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

 Here’s  the completed card.


  1. Jean Anne says:

    VERY helpful, TFS!

  2. Awesome tutorial – thank you so much 🙂

  3. awesome tutorial girl!!!

  4. wow this looks fantastic ! Stunning !

  5. Wow! Just love it! Well done!

  6. BARBARA ISERI says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. You really make it sound so easy. Guess I’ll be doing a lot of practicing this week. Cause I really love your coloring technique. Very beautiful. Makes everything look real.

    Thanks again.


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