Eeeeeeeek (again) more recipes!

6 165

6 167

As promised, Part 2 of the HM recipe card collection! 🙂   Yup…SIX of these tooo!

6 164

This post will be very short & sweet…I’ve got LOTS of challenges due this week, so be sure to stay tuned!   

6 168

Carrots anyone?     🙂



  1. YUMMY!!!! To both the cake and the cards!! Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting is my all time favorite!!!!

  2. Love this card! Thanks for the recipe. I once transferred a carrot cake recipe I had received from my SIL onto a recipe card but forgot to add the flour to the ingredients list on the card. A few days later, I made the carrot cake and all the while I kept thinking, that there was something missing. I of course, left out the flour and the result was (in my hubby’s words) carrot fudge! LOL I have never made it again but might surprise hubby soon with carrot cake!

  3. Jean Anne says:

    I love carott cake, may have to try your recipe mmmmmmmmmm Great recipe card

  4. it is late at night…I just got home from work…tired and hungry…and now I need carrot cake…look what you started! Just trying to catch up on my blogs!

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