Happy House Mouse Monday – Ooops!


In case you didn’t hear the news,  Maxwell and the whole HM gang are taking a little vacation!   So, the DT is taking a break too.   We’ll all be back on August 31st with a brand new challenge.   Here’s a little postcard from the guys!  Looks like they’re having a great time!    lol




A friend asked if I would attempt to make a 5th birthday card for her Children’s International Sponsor child in the Dominican Republic.   I had thought a nice bright color combination would work well with the darker toned complexion.   My friend had suggested the Tilda in the Cherry Dress.     So, I did both!!



I’m still unsure which one I prefer!!   So, I gave her both and let her decide.    😀





The sentiment say Happy Birthday Anyely!





Here’s the inside of the Cherry Tilda one:






Thanks for stopping by today ~ sorry there are no mice for you.   I’m sure I’ll HAVE to color one before September 1st, they are my addiction afterall!   🙂


  1. wow-what fantastic 5th birthday girl creations. Ya even have the language down! Way to go! Awesome work!!! I’m lovin the colors you chose and of course that SUPERB wonderful coloring of yours. (For christmas Im tellin’ Santa that all I want is for you to fly to Seattle to visit me & teach me how to color as beautifully as you do!) 🙂

  2. Nice cards! May I suggest a correction to the Spanish wording?

    The inside of the Cherry Tilda card reads: “Pensuando en ti en tu di especial.”

    The proper Spanish wording would be: “Pensando en ti en tu dia especial.”

    Best regards!

  3. Linda Polaretzki says:

    These mice are soooo cute. Are these stamps or drawn freehand?

  4. They are both adorable and both so different. Your coloring and choice of papers on both are fantastic. In my opinion, I would go with the Gorjuss Girl, since the Tilda reminds me more of a little German girl especially with her green dress, than that of a Hispanic one.

    and I’m sure you’ll be coloring in some mice before September 1st, they are way to cute to resist.

  5. Very sweet and cute cards, I love these images!! I love the sentiments you add too!
    Jodi =)

  6. very nice cards, awesome coloring!!

  7. Both cards are beautiful Mary! I would have a hard time picking…they are both so wonderful!!
    Hugs~ Kim

  8. I think they are both beautiful, maybe there is more than one person to send this little girl the cards, so she can have them both, one from your friend, one from your friends friend, lol. The gorguss girl has a great flair to it, like a brilliant tapestry, I love it, and Tilda looks terrific too, yummy cherries.

    So nice of Mudpie and the gang to send a postcard, I’m glad they are enjoying the sun safely!!

    Take care,

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