Sorry …

…  that I’ve not been able to post the winner of my blog candy – I’m in the midst of a family emergency and have spent the past two days and nights at a Hospice care facility.   We’re taking a quick break right now, but I hope things will get better and I will be able to chose a winner and post it VERY soon.   Thanks for your patience!



  1. oh – hey – no rush!! Family always comes first. I hope that everything is as ok as it can be.


  2. I agree, family always comes first. Thinking of you..hugs!

  3. Oh my gosh Mary! I’m so sorry to hear this! If you need anything let me know! I’m here for you hun! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
    Big hugs

  4. Please put your family first.
    Peace to you all.

  5. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way Mary. Hope all is well soon!


  6. Hugs.

  7. Prayers and hugs to you and your family. I’m sorry to hear that you are going through something so difficult.

  8. Mary — so sorry to hear your family is such a difficult situation. I’ll be thinking of you and sending best wishes your way. Take care of yourself, too!

  9. Prayers for you and yours.

  10. Mary, Sending hugs and prayers to you!

  11. Mary, please take care of your family and yourself. Thoughts and prayers go with you.

  12. FAMILY COMES FIRST… there’s nothing that matters more.

  13. I want to send you a big hug ;0)


  14. hey Mary Mary..sending blessings your way.. 😦

  15. I am so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you. No worries about the candy, take all the time you need.
    Hugs, Karen A

  16. Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law’s passing. I will keep your family in my prayers during this difficult time for all of you. You must know there is a lot of love and good energy coming your way. God bless you all.

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