Merry & Bright


I”ll start off today by apologizing for the length of this post!    I usually try to keep my narrative short, since I know how precious everyone’s time is.   Feel free to ignore my ramblings today!! 


Have you ever had a card that EVERYTHING went wrong??!!    Well, this is mine.   I loved this image from C.C. Designs – Heidi with Ornament.  That little ornament has caused me ALOT of grief!   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve redone the ornament!    Finally decided that’s this is as good as I can get it, and I still really don’t like it!!   Definitely not the vision I had in my mind when I say the image.   I just could NOT get the ornament to be very realistic looking, in other words SHINY!    It was either a shiny ornament or a shaded ornament, not both!  Ugh.    Don’t even get me started about what happens when you apply Stickles and start doing things to the card before they’re dry!!!     What a nightmare. 




 The DP is by We R Memory Keepers, called White Out, Christmas Merry.   I love the bright, non-traditional Christmas colors.   I added my trademark ribbons to her pigtails and a matching bow from a wider ribbon.  That’s about it, but it took me literally hours to finish this card!      Enough of that!



For my Christmas cards, I LOVE to add Stickles.   My favorite has been Star Dust  ~  I have the other similar colors, but never really knew the difference.   Finally, I did a side-by-side comparison and thought I would share it with you.  



I’m hoping you can see from this photo that the Crystal Stickles have a slight pink tint, the Diamond Stickles have a blue tint, and the Star Dust Stickles have a gold tone.   The Icicle Stickles are pretty obvious in the bottle ~ larger pieces of glitter, but with a definite blue tone.      

Now I HAVE to show you this …   I wasn’t sure if the colors would show in a photo on white paper, so I tried them on black!     Look at this:



I can’t even believe they are the same!!   Kind of interesting I thought!    Not worth too much, but interesting!   LOL




I was also feeling rather Martha Stewart-like today (especially since I had struggled with THAT card most of the day!)  and decided to make an Apple-Blackberry Cake  that I had actually found in a Martha Stewart Living magazine (yes, I admit it, I subscribe!)  Well, needless to say,  I HAD to share this one with you!    YummO!    It really is sooooo good and EASY!     [Yay, I just found the recipe online too, here’s the link if you’re interested.)



The recipe says to serve with whipped cream …   we did ICE cream!    🙂     Once again YummO.  



And one last thing. I’ve finally opened my own ETSY Shop!!    Several people have asked if I would sell my cards, so it’s official now!   ETSY


Thanks for making it through to the end of this post and my ramblings!    It’s almost Friday!   Yay.


Copics Used:   R000, 00, 11, 20, 30;  RV09, 10, 17;  YG01, 17, 25;  B000, 00, 01;  Y00, 11;  E000, 00, 11; W0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5;  C1, 4, 5



  1. Ah, I’m glad you shared your day with us! You were just being real!

    I’m sorry you had such a hard time with trying to get your ornament just right, but your card does look fabulous! Now I must admit when I saw your first picture on the top I thought the “chip” in the ornament was done on purpose. I was thinking to myself,”Would you look at that, she made this chip look so real”! No joke! I thought it was pretty clever! I was anticipating a cute little sentiment to go along with it like “I can explain” or something.

    Now this cake you made looks scrumptious! I have got to make this. What a wonderful combination. I love apples and blackberries, so I know I will love this! Oh, and I will be adding ice cream to mine as well! 😉 Hope you have a super Friday!

    PS… This comparison is incredible!

  2. Hey buddy, I am coming to your house! That Martha goody looks devine! Your card was well worth your hairpulling efforts…Wonderful!

  3. ha ha! I just re-did something myself last nite 4 times!
    Know what u mean..but this is great! Gorgeous card as always. Thanks for the recipe..I was looking for something diff to make for Thanksgiving! 🙂

  4. I think your card is beautiful! I just shopped at Etsy–can’t believe I will have one of your cards right in my very own hands!!!

  5. Well, now, haven’t you had a “my kind of day” — struggling with a card — but a delightful finish — and finish I did (reading your post) and was glad I did — what a surprise to see the stickles demoed (I don’t have any but see now that I “need” some), but the grand surprise of all is the MS recipe! I know that will make my dh’s day — if not mine. BTW, I was coming here to give you the Over the Top Award and see that you’ve already received it! Congratulations on that and on your new Etsy shop — I wish you great success!

  6. Loved the longer post today! You shared so many great things with us – a sweet card, the side-by-side Stickles [love them] photos, a yummy dessert, and news of your own shop. Good luck with selling your beautiful cards. Now put some coffee on because we would all love to visit and have some of that cake!

  7. Mary, you crack me up! First of all, your card is PERFECT! Second of all, COOL Stickles comparison…..I never use them on black paper so I had no idea they looked like that!! And thirdly….YUMMO cake…..I don’t think I’ve ever tried any of Martha’s recipes because I usually don’t have 5 hours to bake…lol…but I do love her & will have to try this one!!

    And congrats on opening the Etsy shop!! You will do fantastic, I’m sure!

  8. Hi Mary! love your pixie! She is delightfully merry and bright! love her light blonde hair! have to laugh, I had a challenging day yesterday too, but w/pattern paper! And I love the frosted lace stickles…I tend to pick it up the most…thanks for sharing! oh the Etsy shop sounds like a great idea!
    Pam Going Postal

  9. Such a gorgeous card Mary!! Your coloring turned out wonderful, and I just can’t see anything wrong about it!! LOL!! Love that you are selling your cards!! =)
    Jodi =)

  10. I think your card looks fantastic. You are way too hard on yourself. I’m glad you did a comparison with the glitters. I found it very interesting and extremely helpful. Have a wonderful weekend. xo jackie

  11. Your little Miss is adorable and I love the “real” hair bows on her piggies. I have checked out the MS recipe…yum, yum, yum! I LOVE blackberries, however I am trying to think of another yummy combination that won’t hurt my husband tummy. Stickles are not in my goody bag yet, but I do need them to do a few holiday cards! Thanks for the info! And finally, I know how long it takes me to pull a card together…balance most of the time, covering oopses, that’s not quite what I wanted, the list goes on and on. It’s nice to know those gorgeous cards sometimes takes a bit more time to get it the way YOU want it! lol!

  12. Thanks for showing the difference of stickles, just needed this. My icicle is empty and no more available in different shops, so I searched for an alternative. Think it will be the diamond or crystal. Looks amazing on the black paper, never used icicle on black. 🙂

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