Breaking News! :)



I have just heard that Luigi from High Hopes is in HIGH demand!  (pun intended!)  hehe   

If you would like to be SURE you get this stamp ~  you can place a special order for him with 7 Kids College Fund!   Please  CLICK HERE  for instructions on placing your order.  

Unfortunately, you’d better hurry!  She will be taking special orders through Wednesday, January 6th ~ TOMORROW!     PLEASE be sure to tell her I sent you!    😀


  1. over the top awesome Mary!
    Pam Going Postal

  2. Hi, Mary! Luigi really is a cutie and your coloring is an inspiration to us all; I can almost smell the pizza from here!!

  3. Oh */1? I haven’t been online for a few days and found this too late. \This stamp is a must have in my collection and should be many others!

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