Sentiment & Highlighting of Luigi Tutorial ~ Finally!


Please note, this is a BRAND new Luigi card, made specifically for this tutorial.

Yes, it’s true!  After almost TWO weeks I have FINALLY completed the tutorial on how I created the sentiment and applied the highlighting around Luigi!   BTW, Luigi is available here at 7 Kids College Fund.   

I’m really sorry this is being posted so much later than I had anticipated ~ please note, there are 39 photos included with this tutorial and several hours of editing!   Eeek ~ That’s a lot!   🙂    Just a warning!  This is going to be a long one ~ so grab your favorite beverage and get comfy!  


The sentiment was made on my computer using Microsoft Office Word 2007.    The first step, in Word, is to click on INSERT at the top of your screen.


Then click on WORDART at the top of your next screen.

When you click on WORDART, this smaller box will appear showing all the different options available.  For this card, I chose the 3rd style on the top row ~ click on it.

You will then be taken to the text editing screen where you can choose your font, font size and whether or not you would like to add Bold or Italics for emphasis.

For this card, I chose the Harrington font, size 16 and Bold.    When finished editing, click OK at the bottom of the text editing box.

You will then see your formatted text in a blue box with a slight curve in the style you originally chose. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly the same, the range of the curve can be changed.    Note, the blue box is strictly for editing purposes, it will not print.

Notice the marks in each corner and the top, bottom and side centers of the blue box?   These are what you use to either increase or decrease the range of the curve or the size.    We’ll start with the range ~  take your cursor and click on the mark at the bottom right, you can then drag (hold your cursor on the mark and move) the box down as far as you would like.   

To see how the text will fit with your stamp, you can now do one of two options ~ the first would be to print out your text to compare it with the size of your stamp and then edit, if needed; 

Or the second, to measure the width of your stamp to determine what the width of your WordArt should be.

As you can see, Luigi is about three inches wide.  

Going back to your computer, you can now use the measuring guide in Word located just above your document on the screen ~  As you can see, the text below is about four inches wide.  Since my stamp is only three inches, I would like to make it a little smaller.   

To do this, click on the right center arrow and once again drag the blue box, this time  towards the left to make the width smaller.   This will NOT affect the curve style.

My WordArt is now about 3 1/2 inches wide.

I’ve printed it out for you to see that it fits much better with my stamp.

Now, time to add the bottom section of the sentiment.   

I measure the combined length of my stamp and the WordArt text  to determine approximately where I would like the lower sentiment placed.  This appears to be about 4 1/2 inches.


Back to the computer, this time working with the side measuring guide in Word, shown on the left below –  I hit the ENTER key until my cursor is at the 4 1/2 inch mark on the screen guide, and type in the text.

You can now use your normal editing features to format this text.   I’ve chosen ChopinScript (downloaded from, size 28, Bold and red for my font color.       (Oops, I also added an exclamation point, which wasn’t included above)

Print it out and do one final check with your image to see if it is placed where you would like.   If everything looks good, I then print it on my good cardstock.       Your sentiment is now finished!  Yay.


I usually stamp the image several times.   First on the cardstock printed with the sentiment and again on another piece of cardstock for coloring ~ I cut out my colored image and attach it with dimensionals, this way the highlighting does not affect the coloring of my image.  


 For Luigi, I have done a few extra steps – the pizza was colored and cut out separately after applying some Diamond Glaze to the cheese!  Since I like things to be authentic (and I’m a little crazy) I also stamped and cut out the pizza again on some silver foil cardstock for the pizza pan!    🙂    The oven mitts are paper pieced with a smaller check dp.  



For anyone who might be interested, here are the Copic colors used for each specific area:    T1, 3, 5 for the Hat & Jacket; E000, 00, 01, 11; R20, 30 for Luigi’s skin;  E41, 42, 44, 47 for his Hair and Mustache;  YR20, 31 Cheese;  E07, 08, 09 Pepperoni; E30, 33 Crust; C2, 5, 7 for Luigi’s pants; and W1, 3, 5 for his Shoes.


Oh, I almost forgot ~ Since I didn’t have any black buttons for Luigi’s Chef jacket, I colored them with Copics too!   I use stick pins to hold them so I can color a little easier.   (crazy, I know!)  LOL


Here are the supplies I used for the highlighting around Luigi.   I REALLY love and highly recommend these particular Copic colors, which were recently added at 7 Kids College Fund ~ T1, T3 & T5Toner GraysCopic 0, Colorless BlenderDistress Ink in black soot; and Inkessentials stamp pad felt.


My first step is to use my T5 Toner Gray marker to go around the entire outer edge of the image.

Then using T3, I go over the darker T5 line, going slightly wider.

And, then I run my T1 over both lines to blend.

Finally, lightening the edges slightly with my Colorless Blender.

For the bottom area to “ground” Luigi, I start with my T5 again directly around his shoes.

And, again, going over this and slightly expanding the area with T3.

Again, using T1 and 0 (Colorless Blender) going over it to blend.

Now, using a small section of the stamp pad felt, I apply some Distress Ink in black soot around the image.   If you’re interested, I have more specific instructions on this technique in this previous tutorial.

Here’s a picture of the Distress Ink highlighting around Luigi.

 Below is a photo showing that I’ve quickly colored the bottom image and cut the sides with my paper cutter.

I wanted the top to match the shape of my text, so I used this guide.


One final step was to highlight around the edges of the cardstock, using Distress Ink in fired brick.    (Again, more specific instructions can be found here.)

A quick photo of the highlighed edges.

I then attach all the extra pieces to the Copic colored Luigi and attach him with dimensionals!

That’s it!!     Whew …       😀        As always, if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Wow!! I am so impressed with your process! Great card!

  2. After seeing this card, I knew it would be perfect for my sweetie. I have this on preorder and still waiting. Hope it arrives before Valentines day. Put me on yiyur “I want it!” list. You have been the talk of my house mouse yahoo group these days…they love your coloring tutorials and info.

  3. Wendy Gorton says:

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this tutorial. I learned so much and can’t wait to start creating titles. I always knew you put a lot into your creations, but I don’t think I understood the amount of heart and soul that goes into your work. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.


  4. I would love to have your adorable pizza man card. He’s soooo awesome.

  5. Vicki Sopcak says:


    Of course I would LOVE this card…..I LOVE everything you do!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  6. Chris R. from Iowa says:

    Oh my, what a pizza pie! That’s Amore – not quite chocolate but next best thing?!? Anyway, I love the card and giggle everytime I see it. Now, the tutorial too – hot dog! I would give anything (almost) to create the same card but since I am no where as talented – winning the card would be next best. He is the cutest and your coloring is the greatest! Thanks for telling us how you did it. I love to check out your blog as well. Happy New Year to you! Thanks so much for sharing .

    Chris R. from Iowa

  7. Wow, what a great card and the tutorial on how to make one. Your are so talented. He is awesome and I would love to have this great card. Your work will sure be an inspiration to everyone. Thank You so much for sharing.

  8. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Oh my, yes yes yes I would love to win your card. Thank you for all of your time and effort you put into this tutorial. It’s all the things you do that make it so special. I am enjoying following your talent on this blog.

  9. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Yes, yes, yes I would love to win your card. This is so cute. Your coloring blows me away. You invest a lot of time and of yourself for this blog and I do appreciate it. I am learning a lot from this. I have 33 new Copics on the way to my house now. Can’t wait to get them and play. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. AWESOME TUT MARY MARY…Gosh I cant wait to get MY guy delivered here from 7 kids now!! DH goin to play cards..wish u lived closer this weekend!! 🙂

  11. Michelle Laliberte says:

    I am a recently new member to your blog and I have to say your blog is by far the best I have come across. Finaly someone that explains in detail on how they did the project and especialy what copic colors to use. You do wonderful work and this card is awesome. You are very talented.

  12. This is soo adorable Mary. You truly have an amazing talent. xo Jackie

  13. Your tutorial is so detailed, thank you so much Mary! I can’t believe how much work went into this amazing card. How I would love the chance to win this spectacular card! Thank you Mary!

  14. WOW!!!! What an awesome tutorial, on both the word, and how you made this masterpiece :). Thank you so much for taking the time. This is one fabulous card, and I have learned so much today from here. hugs

  15. Thank you, thank you. Excellent tutorial on how to do the sentiments and print them out.

  16. Linda Collins says:

    Oh he is so darling, I would love to give him a good home. Thank you for taking all the time and trouble to show us step by step how you made the card.

  17. Awesome tutorial- I learned so much! Thank you! You are such an inspiration!

  18. Oh and silly me- of course I’d love to win the card! Thanks for the opp…

  19. I love him, how well he has been made to be so real.
    You whole tutorial was so good. thanks for being so detailed.
    I picked up so many little tips.
    I can’t wait to get this stamp and give it a try.
    Keep up the fantastic work

  20. Melanie Sullivan says:

    OH my goodness. I can’t believe you put all that time in to that tutorial for us!!!!!! Thank you for being so thoughtful. God has certainly given you the gift of being a teacher and giver. I have this little guy pre ordered from 7kids. Your tutorial will not go to waste, I will definatley give him a try. I got a imac for christmas and no longer have word so I don’t think I will get the sentiment done anytime soon.

  21. I loved this card from the first minute I saw it. Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial – it is very helpful for a novice copic colourer!!

  22. Susan Brovont says:

    Mary – this card is gorgeous. Thanks for the helpful tutorial. I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the beautiful card. I would love to win this one!

  23. I’d love this card. It is wonderful. I hope you don’t mind I do a blog of the week and you are going to be featured the week of Jan. 25th. I am showing this card. Please let me know if this is not OK.


  24. Gorgeous card! I really enjoyed your explanation of your process! Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. Mary you are so talented! Thanks for the tutorial.

  26. What perfect timing. I have just bought this stamp and here today I found your tutorial. It is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much for sharing and please, please, please pick me to receive this card.

    Linda x

  27. I have never seen a tutorial like this – it answered several questions for me.
    Thank you so much.

  28. Linda Snyder says:

    Wow, your card is unbelievable. I would never have given a thought to a rubber stamp like that, but you’ve made it very appealing. Great inspiration & technique! I love the glaze on the cheese. Thanks.

  29. Sarah Kulzer says:

    Thanks for the very helpful tutorial. It answered a lot of questions for me!!! Me Amore Luigi!! 😉 Thanks a bunch!!

  30. Love this little guy! I just recently discovered your blog and now I am hooked… I check every morning and before I go to bed! =)

    Thanks for the tutorial, was very helpful! ..

    Your cards are awesome!!

  31. Nancy A. Stevens says:

    Please, please, please, can I win this card? I love all your cards, but this one is especially complicated! 🙂 Love you DS!

  32. Just discovered copic markers. Your work is incredible–makes me want to rush out buy a fistful of markers and start experimenting.

  33. Susan Best says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the tutorial. I loved this card the moment I saw it, and must admit that I am definitely old enough to remember this song. If my memory serves it was originally sung by Perry Como. I would love to have this card for my very own. Thanks so much for the chance to win it.

  34. oh booooiiii .. I’m shocked – positive .. 😉


  35. I would love to win this card and if I don’t I will still smile, because my stamp will be here soon. I will save this tutorial and the try to color mine as good as you do. You are a great teacher and motivator!

  36. This is absolutely INCREDIBLE Mary!! Love, love , love your coloring! Awesome tutorial! TFS


  37. Okay, I can appreciate ALL the work this little priceless beauty took you – but heeeezzz beauuuutiful!!! I will certainly watch what awesome creations you come up with in the future – LOVE the dimension!!

  38. Hello from Germany! Thanks for share it!!! I LOVE THIS PIZZA-BOY !!! ANd your card is fantastic! Hugs from Tini

  39. SERIOUSLY?!?!?
    THIS card is FABULOUS!!!
    I’m going to a COPICS class the end of the month……I’m SO EXCITED and HOPING that ONE day my COPICS ‘creations’ will be as beautiful as this!!!!
    LOVE IT!

  40. Oh, I’m star struck — thanks for taking so much time to develop this fabulous tutorial — you haven’t left out any tiny detail.

  41. Wow, this paragraph is fastidious, my sister is analyzing these things, so I am going to let know her.

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