Gray Highlighting Around an Image

This tutorial shows how I highlight with Copics and Distress ink around an image when attaching a precolored and cut image.

I REALLY love and highly recommend these particular Copic colors, which were recently added at 7 Kids College Fund ~ T1, T3 & T5, Toner GraysCopic 0, Colorless BlenderDistress Ink in black soot; and Inkessentials stamp pad felt.



My first step is to use the darkest of the three recommended markers ~ T5 Toner Gray,  and outline around the entire outer edge of the image.

Then using T3 the medium gray, I go over the darker T5 line, going slightly wider.

I then run my lightest marker, T1, over both lines to blend.

And finally, lightening the edges slightly with my Colorless Blender.

For the bottom area to “ground” Luigi, I start again with the darkest marker ~T5  directly around his shoes.

Again going over this and slightly expanding the area with T3.

And, using T1 and 0 (Colorless Blender) going over this to blend.

I also add some Distress Ink to the background after the Copic outlining.   Using a small section of the stamp pad felt, I apply some Distress Ink in black soot around the image. If you’re interested, I have more specific instructions on this technique in this previous tutorial.

Here’s a picture of the Distress Ink highlighting on top of the Copic outlining around Luigi.

And a photo of the completed image.   A more detailed tutorial can be found here which shows each step of the process to complete this particular Luigi card.

That’s it!!   As always, if you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Mary, thank you for the tutorial – always welcome. Luigi is so cute (as is the card).

  2. I didn’t know what to expect with that dark grey distress ink but I must say the finished results are amazing! So glad I stumbled on your tutorial via Copic Creations. 🙂


  1. […] told me she followed Mary B. Giemza's tutorial for gray highlighting around an image. I found Mary's tutorial and a few others for highlighting an image at the Copic Creations […]

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