Luigi has a new home! :)



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             2010 January 21     Vicki Sopcak


Of course I would LOVE this card…..I LOVE everything you do!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Thank you ALL for your very, very kind comments!!     I really wish I had a Luigi for everyone.    Congrats Vicki!!   


  1. Congrats to Vicki! What a great prize!!!

  2. Sylvia Johnson says:

    Oh I bet Vicki was so thrilled! Lucky girl. You know you made her day. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win this cute guy.

  3. Vicki Sopcak says:

    Mary, Thank you so much…..I NEVER win anything!!!

  4. Yea for Vicki!! I know you will have so fun with Luigi, how could you not?! He’s so precious! Enjoy!

  5. oh, so cute! You are soo good!

  6. brian LOVED luigi. too bad you sent him to a new home. this would be a cute card to send john with his heart pizza this year.

  7. girl…I wanna come live at your house…so we can color all day long together 🙂 You are amazing. ((((HUGS))))

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