An Award!!

I recently received a VERY cool award from one of the truly nicest ladies I’ve yet to meet in this awesome world of papercrafters!  It’s Kandi Phillips, my fellow Design Teammate (a/k/a Stamp Tramp!) at Skipping Stones Design.  

The “rules” for accepting the award are to write TEN things about yourself that others might not know AND to pass the award on to TEN others.  It was so much fun to read about Kandi and get a glimpse into her life! 🙂   She’s a sweetie and an amazing papercrafter!


Okay, here’s my ten:   (sorry, I tend to go on and on and on … )

1.   I love, love, love kids! I think this love has a little something to do with my choice of stamps from all the Tildas, Emmas, Elisabeth Bell and MICE! I was always planning to have TEN kids and live on a farm! hmmm… I guess my THREE were enough to change my mind!

2.  I love, love, love colors! The brighter, the better. Purple is my favorite. But really any color warms my day!

3a.   (I’m not good with numbers!??)   I’m allergic to just about everything environmental under the sun! Especially cats. (we only have two!) and I only take four prescription meds to live with them!

3.  I use way too many exclamation points when I try to get my message across in written form!!!!! 😀

4.  I have ALWAYS loved art. I don’t have any formal training, but have studied artwork and colors for as long as I can remember. (wow, this is pretty boring! Feel free to skip to the end, just like a bad novel.)

5.  I’m a terrible blogger! Seriously. I wish I had the time to respond to EACH and EVERY wonderful comment made on my blog. But, I just get so overwhelmed and end up falling sooooooooooo far behind. My new year’s resolution was to respond to ALL comments made . . . so, I’ve saved them all – I now have 2,878 comments in my Inbox just waiting for me to reply to! Ugh. I thank you all for still coming back and commenting! You’re the BEST!

6.  I’m a widow. (That’s such an awful word!) My husband and the Dad to my three kids passed away on 12/23/01, from a heart attack. No warning signs whatsoever! It was a rough spot for us, but he will always be in our hearts and memories. The good part is that I’m totally and completely in love with a wonderful new man (he’s my photographer!) and we will live happily every after! 🙂

7.  I love wine. Malbec is my favorite. My good friend Jane Wetzel and I enjoy a glass together every so often online.

8.  I was a Girl Scout Leader! Yup. I loved it. I was in charge and we crafted and sold cookies. What more could a person ask for?

9.   I HATE paperwork! I’m super organized with everything, I could probably be a professional organizer, but my paperwork is a mess! (must have some relation to my email INBOX!) I shudder to think what is hiding under my many piles of paperwork!

10.  I REALLY am sooooooo totally hoping to be chosen to be on Crissy Armstrong’s Design Team!!!  Yup.  But, you probably already know that!  (I may have mentioned it here once or twice.)

Phew! That was hard.


Now on to the fun part . . . TEN people that I would like to pass this award on to!

1.  Crissy Armstrong!    LOL (hey, you can’t blame a girl for a little kissing up!)  I don’t have to say too much that I haven’t already said before  … she’s a mega talented, super sweet lady!

2.  Jami Bova.  She’s my idol! Miss Super talented, totally amazing, awesome blogging buddy!

3.  Jane Wetzel.   My sistah! We get along so well, I think she’s somehow related! And, she’s an awesome papercrafter!

4.  Karen Witter.  She seriously is the nicest, sweetest, most sincere person you would ever want to know.  And, of course an awesome papercrafter!  (AND, she’s coming to visit in July, IRL!!!!    All the way from Florida!!!!)

5.  Pam Sparks.  My blogging buddy.   She and I are the original Magnolia fans. She does such amazing detailed cards – I could spend days studying everything she does! And, she’s an awesome papercrafter!

6.  Sue Kment.  She is also the nicest, sweetest lady around!  She ALWAYS has something nice to say about my cards – even the duds! 🙂 She keeps coming back to comment, even though I seldom am able to return the favor. And, she’s an awesome papercrafter!

7.  Miss America!!   🙂   Yup. She truly is my sistah! We started out with a love for the mice and have since become true friends! She’s been my total inspiration in every aspect of cardmaking. And, she’s an awesome papercrafter!

8.  Linda Heavens.  With a name like that, what more can I say? She’s an amazing artist, who always manages to make my jaw drop when I see her awesome creations! And, she’s an amazing papercrafter!

9.  Suzanne Dean.  She’s definitely my hero! I’ve never known anyone with such stamina, drive and success in this papercrafting business! It’s hard to believe she’s such a sweetie! I’m proud to say I knew her when …. And, she’s an amazing papercrafter!

10.  Danni Bindel.  Omgoodness!  She has to be the most sweetest, kindest person in the whole world! She continues to visit my blog and comment, even after MONTHS of my non-response! And, she is super busy with her own blog and a weekly challenge – Flutter By Wednesdays! And, she’s an amazing papercrafter!

10a. I do have another person, but I have yet to convince her to start her own blog!  Yes, that’s you Ms. Deeb27!  Another sistah!   I really look forward to her DAILY comments on my blog!  She always makes my day!   AND, I know for a fact that she’s an amazing papercrafter – I have one of her cards to prove it!

Phew!  Done.    Anyone who makes it through all of this, also deserves an award!   😀


  1. LOL–you always crack me up Mary! I loved reading your list–you must’ve rocked at being a Girl Scout leader–I can see it now! Glad you were able to find happiness again–it shows in your work! Hmm…hero–nah–I’m just a normal gal trying to do my best with some dorkiness and laughter thrown in along the way, LOL! Love ya!


  2. GEEEEE Wizzzzzz..Mary Mary…hmmmmm..well, its too early to have a glass of wine now..ah hemmm..accepting my award and all! Guess I will hav-ta to do it tonite when I get home from work!! 🙂 thanks sweetie! Guess I will break with tradition and put this on my blog! 🙂 hugs!

  3. I had such fun reading your list! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I totally adore you! Though now I have an image of you drinking wine and eating girl scout cookies! LOL!!! Love you!

  4. Wow, k, I’m laughing, and I’m flattered, and I’m thankful all at once! You’re such a sweetie!!!!!!!! We have a lot in common too!!!!!!!!! See, I like exclamation points too!!!!!!!! I usually do that many and then hit the backspace to erase more than half of them. And then I re-read the paragraph and go back and edit half of the rest! lol
    You’re such a cutie! Thanks for the award!!!!!!!!!! (exclamation points un-edited for your personal enjoyment)

  5. OH-MY-GOODNESS Mary!! THANK YOU for this fun award but mostly, thank you for sharing so much of yourself!!!! It was soo much fun reading your list! What a great Girl Scout Leader you must have been!! I also ADORE YOU for many reasons, but mainly because you are a terrific friend, a colouring MASTER and a total riot! I was laughing so much that my little 4 yr old girl asked me why I was laughing so funny!!! :)heheh! Also Love your top ten. There are a few on your list that would have been/would be on mine too! So glad you found happines again GF!!! You deserve it! Love ya, Miss America

  6. Wow! I just got back this afternoon from Arizona and read this. I loved reading about you and your top ten “things you’ve always wanted to know about me” list. I’m honored that you picked me as one of your top ten and love the sweet things you said. As we left the incredibly busy airport in Phoenix – apparently the “people capital” of the world, I muttered that I would never fly again. Guess we’ll be making that at least one more time! LOL Once airborne I was fine, but who knew so many people could crowd an airport at 6:00 AM????? I showed some of your amazing creations to my family in AZ. You are an amazing artist and a super wonderful friend. So glad to know you and can’t wait to meet you. I’ll see what I can come up with for my list. Big hugs,

  7. This was so fun to read Mary, I was definitely not bored and had lots of fun reading!! A friend of mine recently turned me onto wines, and even Malbec at that! Thanks so much for your sweet comments, too! 🙂

  8. There aren’t enough words to say thank you! I am so honored and touched by this!! I don’t post awards on my blog but I so appreciate the thought behind it. You’re awesome!

  9. Thank you for all your so kind thoughts and encouragement…I get sooo close to starting my own blog and then I breath. Mary, Mary you are a mucho talented sweetie. You have made me smile sooo many times by your fantastic work. This blog made me laugh and was so much fun to read. Sorry you lost a sweetheart and happy some very lucky man found such a wonderful lady.
    I also love kids (no grandkids yet and I teach Pre-K 5 days a week, my 2nd husband (after 22 years divorced) and I make homemade blackberry and this year peach wine, colors are EVERYTHING in my world, I use … in lots of my writings and I too was a Girl Scout leader for about 7 years! Now where should I put 10 things most people don’t know about me?

  10. Hi Mary – smiling BIG at the loving kids!!! oh my, I have to ditto that for sure! Just had some of the G-kids here…nothin’ beats their hugs and kisses and sweet words! Keep accumulating Design Team assignments…gives us more to look at here on your little piece of the WWW! I do use exclamation points a lot but I use “lol” way too much but I can’t help it!!! bah! Thanks for the award and thinkin’ of me!
    Pam Going Postal

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