TGF Rockin’ Rebel 2 ~ Attention all Gleeks!! :)



Any Glee fans out there???   Well, I am a HUGE fan!   I am totally addicted and just can’t get enough of it …  Soooooooo, when I heard that The Greeting Farm was having a Rockin’ Rebel 2 contest, I immediately thought of my all-time favorite muscial TV show GLEE!



And here’s my rendition of this Glee cast poster . . .



hehehe   Ahhh, yes, I had fun with this one!   All my favorite beloved characters, unfortunately no SUE – my very favorite!   Here are closeups of each:


the hunky Finn Hudson a/k/a Flirty Edward


the STAR, Rachel Berry *   a/k/a  Dressy Camille


 the dashing Kurt Hummel a/k/a Michael


Rockin’ Tina Cohen-Chang a/k/a Dressy Joyce


former head cheerio, Quinn Fabray a/k/a Soccer Anya


nerdie Artie Abrams a/k/a Dressy Jeremy


the fashionista, Mercedes a/k/a Rain, Rain


and the stud, Puck a/k/a Daniel


For anyone unfamiliar with TGF’s Rockin’ Rebel, here’s the scoop from TGF:

Rockin Rebel is a contest in which YOU get to design a card, layout, or altered item based on your favorite musical artist, icon, or band. Alter away, or stay true to your stamp, either way, we want to see who ends up on your ROCKIN’ REBEL project!

RIGHT NOW! The contest begins today and will end on Friday, May 13th at 8pm CST. The winning entry will be announced on SATURDAY May 14th on the CA&F and TGF blogs and we’ll be sure to show a few honorable mentions, too! Last time the competition was FIERCE and the ideas were insane… in like, a GOOD way. AMAZING actually! So put your thinking caps, iPods, or MTV on and we can’t WAIT to see what you come up with!”

Thanks for visiting!   Don’t forget to watch Glee on Tuesdays at 8:00 CDT on FOX!   🙂