Copic Creations Challenge ~ Reading!


Ahoy maties!    It’s August 1st and time for a new Copic Creations Challenge … finally!   We took the last two weeks off and it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve had a new challenge!!    This week we’ve teamed up with an amazing, award-winning author and children’s book illustrator ~ Elizabeth Dulemba

Elizabeth features a weekly newsletter that includes LOTS of adorable FREE reading images.   So I hope you will join us for this challenge.   We’re hoping to stress the importance of reading during the summer break for all those “bored” kids out there!      This free image is called Pirate Poetry and he’s been made into a book gift card holder for one of my grandsons. 



After a little research on the Internet, I found such fun sentiments for reading, that I HAD to make another READING project for our challenge, this time a book mark . . .



I’ll be back later today to add all the links and details on these two projects!   I just finished the post for the Copic Creations challenge and I’m pooped!    In the meantime, lots of details on this challenge can be found on the Copic Creations Challenge blog HERE


  1. what a fabulous card and I just love that book mark you made. Do you ever have a bad card day :).

  2. I love these both! My DD and DS both love pirates so I smiled when I saw your card, the quote on it is wonderful too :0)

    Love the flowers and the quote on yourbookmark too, though it’s much too pretty to put in a book.

  3. Love the idea, and can’t wait to give it a try.

  4. Beautiful coloring, as always, Mary! Love the card and the bookmark. My kids both loved to read – I was reading TO them before they were born! Thanks for the never-ending inspiration…

  5. Love the card! What interesting elements and great coloring with the Copic’s-you’re a natural! The bookmark is also wonderful.

  6. Oh Mary!!
    I love your pirate and that quote is super fun!!!! Great colouring as always.
    Your bookmark is very pretty and another wonderful quote on it as well.
    Get a bit of rest if you can today – you work too hard!

  7. WOW! Fabulous artwork, style, creativity, coloring, inspiration, bling….need I go on? Love em’ both!

  8. Mary your images are always colored perfectly. You’re my idol. You coloring has so much depth. Love it!

  9. Well, I am really running out of compliments for your creations/coloring. 🙂 Please know that I hold you in the highest regard – always 🙂 Happy day to you!

  10. Cheryl Rowley says:

    Mary, your bookmarks are so different from each other and I love them both! Beautiful coloring (as always!) and the style of each fits the image you used!
    This was a fun challenge!

  11. Even pirates consider books to be a treasure. That’s a great signal to send to the kiddies. Enjoyed seeing the work on your card. Lovin’ the book mark too! Thanks!

  12. You have colored a very pretty card and made this guy come to life!! What a beautiful book mark too, it’s too pretty to put in a book!! ( I wouldn’t want to smash it) =)
    Jodi =)

  13. By golly, this Pirate has it going on…I do say Jolly Roger! I just love Elizabeth Dulemba’s blog and color pages!

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