Circle Slide Book Album and Blogoversary Candy Winner!!!!


a grand adventure is about to begin ~ from Winnie the Pooh!


I’ve been really excited to share this photo album I made for my daughter who recently gave birth to the most beautiful little baby girl ~ Quinn (a/k/a Quinney poo)!   

It’s not a normal album either ~ each page has a mini hidden slide-out photo page.   As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for an album keepsake for the whole family.      (Please keep in mind, I’m a card girl (My Cardz) and this is my FIRST attempt at scrapbooking!  Although, I do think I have discovered a NEW hobby!!)  

Here’s how the “hidden” photo is revealed . . .    (it slides out!)



And a closeup view . . . 



Pretty cool, huh?  These are photos of my VERY pregnant daughter from just a few weeks ago!    

In trying to not overwhelm you, I won’t show each and every photo from the album, since there are a total of six pages, PLUS six hidden photos.     I did, however, put together a wee-little slide show of the entire album which can be found at the end of this post!    Yep, just a proud grandma! 

I just LOVE this type of album, I think it would make a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, new babies!   🙂     The album is being sold over at I Brake For Stamps.   

I have a few photos to show you how super easy it is to put together.   This is what you will receive in your package . . . 


It may look confusing at first, but believe me ~  if I can do it  —  anyone can!      Your first step is to take one of the black chipboard spacers and a black chipboard circle . . . 


and glue them together . . . always being sure to line up the punched holes.


You then peel off the blue protective film from one of the clear pull outs . . . 


and glue two black chipboard pull tabs to the front and back of the square end.   (I’ve left the film on so you could see it a little easier in this photo.) 


Lay this tabbed insert inside your glued circle as shown below . . . 


and glue a second chipboard circle on top ~ always being sure to line up the punched holes. 


That’s it!    (Of course, you have two more to put together.)     The album pages measure 8 1/2 inches, so I cut out all of my papers/cardstock  . . . 


and used one of the chipboard pull tabs as a guide to cut this section to adhere to the album. 


Since I was using double-sided papers, I marked the back of each piece so I would know which side I had planned to use. 


And now the REAL fun begins!    Adding your photos and embellishments.    I decided to cover the clear plastic pull outs with DP also, which was not necessary – if you decide to do this, one little suggestion I have to make your life a little easier, cut and measure these BEFORE you glue your album together!   Live and learn!    If you do purchase one and run into ANY problems, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll try to help.   

I highly recommend this awesome album kit if you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special!    You can find the album HERE.   AND, as always, if you use code SAVE10MARY, you’ll receive 10% off of your entire purchase from I Brake For Stamps!     


As promised, here’s proud grandma’s slide show of the entire Circle Slide Album for my daughter . . .   (just hit the X to close the little propaganda on the bottom of the slide show — sorry, I couldn’t remove it!!  ugh!)  



So, after all that I FINALLY have a WINNER for my 2-year Blogoversary blog candy!!

Drumroll please . . .

True Random Number Generator 7 Powered by RANDOM.ORG 



Here’s Patti’s so very kind comment:    

Patti J. permalink July 27, 2010 6:34 am

“How funny! When I saw your candy, I was excited, but when I read that the card came with the gift, I was ecstatic!!! Congrats, Mary, on your two years! I read your blog every single day, and certainly admire your talents. I look forward to seeing your name pop up in my email! Odd though – I always get me email alerts a full day late! lol… Again, congrats, and I adore this beautiful card!

Hugs! I’m off to add your candy to my blog!”


YAY!!    Congrats Patti!  (Please be sure to send me your address so I can get the card to you and, of course, your email address for the $50.00 Gift Certificate to 7KCF!)      [Eeeek, I’m gonna have to check into WHY you’re getting your emails so late!!]  



Thank you ALL for your SOOO VERY WONDERFUL comments, they have meant the world to me!   I appreciate each and every one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very kind words and frequent visits to my blog! 



Just a quick reminder about tomorrow!    You definitely won’t want to miss the new challenge blog ~ our first prize is a $50.00 Gift Certificate to 7 Kids College Fund!!    

But, please note . . . the blog is still under construction and won’t be available until tomorrow..  


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  1. Wow! That’s a stunning album!

  2. Wow, that album is just over-the-top wonderful! Love the colors and you did such a fabulous job, you rock girl!

    Congrats to Patty J! :0)

  3. I know your daughter loved this. Who wouldn’t? It is absolutely gorgeous — I mean drop dead gorgeous! And congrats on a new baby girl to love!

  4. Your album is awesome! You should also enter it in Really Reasonable Ribbon’s “Black and White” challenge! You could win a $10 gift certificate!
    True 😀

  5. WOW!!! I’m speechless, (well almost). This is STUNNING!! Your daughter is a very lucky woman, she’ll treasure this forever!

  6. Congrats Happy and Proud Grandma! The book is just the most wonderful thing for a new mom.

  7. Congratulations on just another beautiful granddaughter. Of course you are a proud Grandma and I am sure that Quinn is going to be very proud of her talented Grandma and show off everything that you create. Your work is just beautiful. I look forward to my daily emails so that I can see your work. You truly inspire me. Thank you so much..

  8. Oh my gosh, Mary! Thank you SO much!!! I’m jumping up and down with excitement – can’t decide if I’m more excited over getting a card made by you, or a gift card for 7 kids!!! What a wonderful way to start my day – thanks again! NOW…onto that album – wowza, girl! Oh my, that is a memento that your daughter and granddaughter will cherish forever. Thanks for letting us share that part of you! Congrats on your new grandbaby too (I’m only a grandma wanna-be)… Thanks again, and hugs!!! P.S. Got this email TODAY rather than tomorrow – how cool is that!

  9. These are gorgeous, beautiful picture of your daughter.

  10. It’s a beautiful album and it looks really fun to make! =)

    Hugs, Elenor

  11. THUD!!!!

  12. wowooozaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂
    Gorgeous album.
    Must have it !

  13. So glad you took me up on the invitation to join us in Really Reasonable Ribbon‘s “Black and White” challenge!
    Your project is beautiful!
    Please bookmark our team’s Really Reasonable Ribbon’s Ramblings blog or add us to your challenge blog list. We have 2 challenges a month on the 1st and the 15th and would love to have you join us as a regular!
    Good luck in the prize drawing!
    True 😀

  14. Mary Mary you are sooooo very AMAZING!!! SPECTACULAR Album and thanks for all the detail~~I think it may be something I would probly love to do 🙂
    congrats to Patti on winning–Lucky Ducky!!!

  15. Mary, this is a magnificent card and what a treasure this will be for your daughter. The new grandbaby, Quinn, is also a treasure. I do hope she is closeby so you can enjoy her. Thanks for sharing the technique.

  16. Mary this is absolutely amazing! What a gorgeous keepsake for your family! Such gorgeous work hun!!!! Love it!
    Hugs~ Kim

  17. Linda C. says:

    WOW! What a beautiful & priceless album! It’s BRILLIANT!

  18. OH Mary!
    What a fantastic album your family will cherish for ever!
    Stunningly beautiful work.
    Every day you make something more spectacular than the day before……
    Looks like you have 3 granddaughters now :o) Quinn is as precious and beautiful as her sisters. Sure hope they live close enough that you can see them often. You have a great family.

  19. What a terrific keepsake! I love the color theme, to go along with the B&W pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  20. That was truly a work of art! You are amazing, and I’ve decided that your secret is that you have the ability of NEVER NEEDING SLEEP! How DO you do it??? What a gorgeous album, and next time I’m bored, please answer your phone. 😉

  21. This is just a wonderful album Mary!! I love the photos and will have to try this out sometime!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jodi =)

  22. How do you do this? You continue to stretch higher and higher in your bottomless creativity pool! This beautiful album in the monochromatic color scheme is just over the top stunning. There’s not a soul anywhere who would not want to receive this extremely thoughtful and creative gift! YOU continue to9 blow my mind with your talent…you top the TOP!!

  23. First of all, how can you be old enough to have a grandchild? You must have been a child bride! LOL

    Congratulations on your sweet little Quinn (love that name!). I can’t wait to be a grandmother myself one day… hopefully to a girl or two (since I have all boys). (*grin*)

    Your mini album is perfection, Mary! Beautifully done. Those photos are awesome. I wish they’d done those types of photos when I was having babies. The only pix I have are of me in TENT dresses, which was the maternity wear of the day. Yuck!

    And congrats to my dear friend Patti J! If I couldn’t win (haha), I’m glad she did! She’s a DEAR person!!!


  24. Awwwww…..this is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing this very private and special time with us. I love the black and white. If you find time, you’ll have to go see my Black and White Acrylic Album…maybe that’s why I like it so much!! LOL When CKU came to Minnesota we made similiar ones using CD’s. But, I love the pull outs…thinking about incorporating that in a new CD album..hmmmmm. I think you have that scrapbooking stuff done, hands down!!

    Hugs, Sheila

  25. Hi Mary,

    Your album is fantastic and the instructions are so well explained! Can I feature it at Inspirational Tips, Techniques & Tutorials? You can check our blog here

    You can email me at

    I hope you say “Yes” 😉

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