All That Scraps Challenge ~ Magnets


hehehe …  I must say, these adorable Angel Emma stamps from C.C. Designs (last year) will always be some of my very favorite Emma images.    So, I thought it would be fun to use them for holiday magnets.    Seems people decorate every inch of their home for the holidays ~ so why not the refrigerator too!?   🙂 

Yep, our challenge this week is to make MAGNETS ~ a definite challenge for me!  But, as soon as I saw it on the list,  I went right to one of my favorite blogs to visit for inspiration ~ Rachel Schneider.    Awhile back she showed several magnets using Tim Holtz’ fragments and I thought that was such a great idea!    If you’re interested, you can find her post HERE.

I think having the plastic Tim Holtz fragment piece over the image caused the closeup photos to be a little fuzzy … but, I wanted to show you each cutie up close!   I apologize for the bad photos ~ they really don’t appear quite so bad in-person.   🙂






One blonde, one brunette and a redhead!   Their dresses, wings and instruments were paper pieced using some fun glitter paper.   Eeek, talk about fussy cutting!!   I notice in the photos,  the plastic fragment pieces don’t seem to be too straight ~ why is it these things are always so magnified in a photo (similar to that extra 10 pounds!!)?   Please keep in mind, each angel is 1.5 inches … so this was quite a small palette to work with!   Thank goodness for my bifocals!!   🙂

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Thanks for dropping in today!   Hope you’re having a great week.