All That Scraps Challenge ~ Magnets


hehehe …  I must say, these adorable Angel Emma stamps from C.C. Designs (last year) will always be some of my very favorite Emma images.    So, I thought it would be fun to use them for holiday magnets.    Seems people decorate every inch of their home for the holidays ~ so why not the refrigerator too!?   🙂 

Yep, our challenge this week is to make MAGNETS ~ a definite challenge for me!  But, as soon as I saw it on the list,  I went right to one of my favorite blogs to visit for inspiration ~ Rachel Schneider.    Awhile back she showed several magnets using Tim Holtz’ fragments and I thought that was such a great idea!    If you’re interested, you can find her post HERE.

I think having the plastic Tim Holtz fragment piece over the image caused the closeup photos to be a little fuzzy … but, I wanted to show you each cutie up close!   I apologize for the bad photos ~ they really don’t appear quite so bad in-person.   🙂






One blonde, one brunette and a redhead!   Their dresses, wings and instruments were paper pieced using some fun glitter paper.   Eeek, talk about fussy cutting!!   I notice in the photos,  the plastic fragment pieces don’t seem to be too straight ~ why is it these things are always so magnified in a photo (similar to that extra 10 pounds!!)?   Please keep in mind, each angel is 1.5 inches … so this was quite a small palette to work with!   Thank goodness for my bifocals!!   🙂

Smiley from

Thanks for dropping in today!   Hope you’re having a great week.



  1. Mary, these are totally fabulous! Love the angels you used & the beautiful colors, I totally can’t believe you linked to me either ;0)

  2. WOW, mary…what a gorgeous magnet set! love the colors, the sparkle, and the way you included the sentiment…AWESOME JOB!

  3. oh Mary Mary- these are ADORABLE

  4. Awww, Mary! You gave me a smile this morning. What a darling set of magnets!!! Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to try some myself! Hope you are well 🙂 Hugs!

  5. I love these, they would be such a cute little gift!!

  6. Hi ya hun
    aww how gorgeous are these, they look beautiful luv all the sparkle on them, a lovely gift, sue,x

  7. WOW Mary!!! These are adorable. You have the patience of a saint to paper piece an image that tiny!! As always your coloring and the project itself is just amazing!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving a comment. I subscribe to your blog. So although I might not have the time each post to come and leave a comment….I’m sitting at my laptop drooling over your work!!! LOL

    I tried your grey background tech. the other day after buying all the supplies to do it. Wish I could say it turned out great, but I guess I just need a little more practice. LOL 🙂

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration!!


  8. OH Mary!!
    I love your Angel Magnets and the sentiment to go with them tops them off perfectly. You have done a fantastic job!!!
    I kind of love working with little pieces of paper and such but don’t have what I would need to make these wonderful gifts.
    They are adorable. I collect Angels guess that is why they appeal to me so much…..
    Big hugs, Candy

  9. These are SO pretty! I love the sparkle! :-)Traci

  10. Hi Mary,
    Your refrigerator magnets are wonderful works of art! I love these angels, so sweet!
    I thought that you were going for the cracked glass effect, but I see that it is the plastic. At any rate, your project turned out beautifully!

  11. Mary, these are just jaw-dropping. Wow. You always blow me away with your creations and these are no exception. They’re wonderful!!

    – Ann

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