A blustery autumn day . . .


A VERY happy weekend to you!    Believe it or not, this is just a card for the fun of it!!    It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to that.    This cutie is one of the new images by Sarah Kay from Stampavie called Chloe Watching the Trees in the Autumn Wind

What a tough card to photograph!   I used some copper metallic cardstock for the swirls and on every picture the copper looked almost black, or there was lots of back flash.  So, all I can say is that this card definitely looks much better in real life!  



I liked the idea to combine the smooth copper cardstock and the rough Jute ribbon  that I was so happy to find at the Gina K. Designs store!   This ribbon seems perfect for Autumn or vintage cardz, IMO! 

It’s a rainy – “blustery” day here today in Wisconsin, so this card seemed quite appropriate.   It’s always a little sad to see the bare trees after all the leaves have fallen – and, of course, the fact that SOMEONE needs to RAKE!   hehe




  1. Wow Mary, you blow me like a leave away dear, 🙂
    Such delightful card. The background behind the image is so special, what kind of paper is that or you just made some special efect ??????????????????????
    It’s amazing.
    Every details is FAb. And the ribbon wow love it.

  2. This is gorgeous!! I just love this image, and the crackle background is awesome

  3. Very nice effect 🙂

  4. Mary you have just taken my breath away!
    What a BEAUTIFUL card!! Your work is sooooooo awesome. First class in every way.
    The jute ribbon is a perfect touch with your copper accents. I CAN see them.
    You have a knack of always knowing exactly what papers to use to set the feeling of your cards. The crackle background gives this a wonderful antique feel – and reminds me of years gone bye…..
    You need more ‘me’ time to create cards you want to make!
    I wish you were my neighbour and could teach me your art ~
    Raining here too, leaves everywhere, but they look like it’s ‘snowing leaves’. I love it, but they are slippery underfoot. We are in a valley so it is on the dark and gloomy side today.
    Big hugs,

  5. Really like the image and the colors used-love the crackle background and that wonderful ribbon.

  6. Stunning card Mary. I too love the copper and ribbon combo. Gives it great shine and texture.

  7. BOBBI ISERI says:

    Your card is absolutely beautiful. She is so pretty and so is your coloring and just the whole card design.


  8. Ny debbie says:

    What a fabulous just for fun card. if it looks this good on my computer screen, I can only imagine what it looks like in person. It is definitely a work of art!

  9. She is adorable! It really looks great. I didn’t
    really understand the copper situation, but your
    coloring is beautiful!

  10. wat een geweldig mooie kaart!!! het inkleuren is helemaal super!
    xx petra

  11. How gorgeous! This is so well done.

  12. Wowsers! This is gorgeous! I love the crackle background. Fabulous!


  13. YOU never cease to amaze me with the coordination of your art work. There is a completeness to your craft that is just SOOO perfect. It’s like dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s!! LOVE this and all your pieces…even if I don’t always comment. With this card I can feel the wind blowing through your card. The colors are, (oh, did I say this a few sentences back) are sooo complementary. Thanks Mary!

  14. Dear Mary-

    You are true artist. This cart is outstanding, so beautiful, so vintagy gorgeous. The background, composition, colors, all coordinate perfectly.
    You outdid yourself, Mary, with this one.
    Please, keep creating, thank you, Olga

  15. Wow! This card is in a catagory of its’ own!!!!!! I am amazing at the gorgeous coloring of this one and the effect you used is so perfect!!!!! OMG I could look at it for hours!!!
    Mary, all of your cards are just amazing!
    Hugs, Dena

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