Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!


Well, I certainly couldn’t let this day pass without some sort of CHEER for the home team!   🙂



Do you have big plans for the game?    Talk about Packer Fever – it seems to be the ONLY topic of conversation in the entire STATE!!   

I was amazed when we went to the grocery store yesterday evening  …  it was jam packed!!  I actually heard that Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest day for food consumption!!!   (Thanksgiving is first.)    

We’ll see who will be smiling tomorrow!

Enjoy the game for those of you who are planning to watch ~ I personally like the commercials the best!  



  1. The Packers are my pick-cute card!!

  2. Awhh Cute Mary 🙂
    Go Pack Go!!!!! I hope the commercials are good tasting~~I read differently??
    Enjoy your day Hun

  3. LOL – love this!
    DH and friends are Packer Fans-I hope I get to stamp (-:

  4. Cheers from a fellow Wisconsinite. Love your card! Of course I’m rooting for the Packers. I hope we have something to cheer about tomorrow!

  5. Adorable!!!!


  6. Such a “spirited” card Mary. I have to tell you I did not even know who was playing today, but finally picked GB because they are yellow and green…the same as the Oregon Ducks. My sweetie said I had to go sit outside LOL!

  7. Darling card…wouldn’t expect anything less…

    Congrats to
    Mary and her
    Green Bay

    HUGZ, Debbie/Deebi27

  8. Adorable card! Yeah Packers! Woo hoo!

  9. You really do make the most incredible cards with such deep, rich colors. Of course, your coloring is superb, too. Just dropped by from the Copic Creations blog remembering how I enjoyed my last visit. Thank you for such wonderful samples!

  10. Thehe, too funny!! Hope you had a nice SuperBowl-Weekend!

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