7 Kids College Fund ~ School Spirit

Hello!   Time again for another 7 Kids College Fund challenge.

This week we’d like to see your SCHOOL SPIRIT –

Back to School is in the air and we’re celebrating this happy occasion …

which is sometimes, I think, it’s MORE happy for the MOMs than the kids!   LOL

Soooo, Cheerleader Tilda is showing her School Spirit, cheering on the team!


I hope you will join us for this fun challenge!

All the details AND the awesome sample cards from the 7KCFDT can be found HERE.


Since I’ve been filling your inboxes with photos this week …

I thought I’d share this amazing surprise we found recently in a nearby field in Wisconsin:

Soooooo cool!   I’ve NEVER seen so many sunflowers in one place!!    Just HAD to take a few photos!

 Just one more ….

  well, another … a CLOSEUP view!

and a surprise visitor!!

Thanks for stopping by today … I hope you’ve enjoyed our little find as much as I did!


  1. loving the card, so adorable. Great photos of those sunflowers, they are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful coloring (as always!) and those flowers are GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  3. eye candy!!!! too cute…and love those pics – great for an inspiration challenge.hmmmmmm (-:

  4. Sherry107 says:

    LOVED the sunflowers! One of my favorite flowers!!! Thanks so much for sharing!Great photos!
    (ps-loved Tilda too!)

  5. Isn’t the wide open country sooo wonderful…rolling hills of soybean this year, winter wheat late fall ’10 into early spring. Love when there is a good breeze..O beautiful for spacious skies,
    For amber waves of grain; I love watching the wind blow the rows and rows of wheat!

    I am think of a card for a young lady who just went east to Bellarmine University for her 1st year of college needs this card in school colors! Perfect timing Mary! Thanks!

  6. Jumping on at work since I still don’t have a computer. Wow! Those pictures are awesome! What gorgeous flowers and amazing photography. I remember the cornfields across from my brother’s lakehouse on Lake Koshkonong, but they weren’t filled with these gorgeous sunflowers. Adorable Tilda card, too. Hugs,

  7. OOOOHH!!! What a beautifully colored cheerleading Tilda. She’s adorable! Love your shading and DP!! Gorgeous work! now abotu those photos…. WOW!!! AMAZING nearby field of sunflowers. YOURE SO LUCKY MARY!!!! These photos are soooo beautiful! (Great Photographer youve got) {wink, wink}. Would love to sit there and just admire them! In Germany we would travel far just to find fields like this to admire! Sometimes, we’d try to cut ’em, fill our baskets, and bring some of these beauties home, but the gazillion bees on ’em would scare us off though!!! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures. They brought back wonderful memories. 🙂

  8. Adorable Cheerleader! – Great work using copic markers. I love sunflowers too…thanks for the post.

  9. Love the cheerleader. How cute!
    Stop by and visit at: http://digidarla.com

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