Talk Like a Pirate Day … a little late!

So, this week has gone by WAYYYY too quickly!

I had been so excited to post this week’s calendar page … since Wednesday, September 19th (as I’m sure you all know) was the official TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!!

Unfortunately, I’m a little late, not only with Wednesday, but the entire week!!

Soooo, Avast me hearties and forgive me for my lateness!   🙂

Thanks for stopping in today — TGIF!!


  1. Lovely calender page Mary. Love your background and colouring.
    hugs maz

  2. Are Pirates ever on time! Argghhhh! Fun stuff girlie!

  3. Oh so darling, Mary. I love your coloring on Tilda and the shading you do. I’ve tried it but I think I need some practice…LOL
    Cathy Lee

  4. You have the monopoly on useful in-anmatiorforen’t monopolies illegal? 😉

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