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  1. Hello, I wasn’t going to ask but then I decided to…do you sell your cards?
    Take care & keep smiling

  2. Thanks so much for the HM coloring tips. I notice the card just below the tutorial has several mice in it and they look like they are shaded differently. What other color combos do you use. A SCS member was kind enough to share with me a coloring guide that she purchased from StampaRosa several years ago. Only problem is that they used Tombow and I can’t find a color conversion chart from Tombow to Copic. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  3. love your cards. I was checking out the hm stamps, theirs so many! Which one would suggest for a first timer hm-er?

  4. I love these babies! But I cannot find them. Please help me, I know this is what I want for my Christmas card this year. Can I buy them thru you? and the match?

  5. Hello. Just wanted to stop by and say a big thank you for your comments on my cards and especially for listing ME as an inspiration to you. I have gone through your blog and your cards are really beautiful, so I am especially flattered. How very nice of you to recognize me on your site. I have received so many hits on my blog as a result. I have only been blogging since August, and I post most every day. It is hard to get your blog known and you have really helped, also, Susanna Boyd has put several of my cards on the shout out list on card of the week and that has worked too! Can’t thank you enough. Have to go now and make my HM challenge card!
    Sue Drees

  6. So so sorry I’ve taken so long to let you know how much I appreciated your acknowledging me in your inspiration post. I’ve been in a “detour” mode for awhile since Christmas with a major remodeling project at the house and I am sorely missing my time for creating and blogging. Please go see my thanks to you on my website:

    Thanks for inspiring me. Martha Kay

  7. Hi Mary,
    My friend Jane Wetzel told me you asked her to be on the Copic Challenge DT! I am so thrilled for Jane!!!. If you need a sponsor for some stamps please let me know. I have my own stamp business and I could donate some sets for your new challenge team!

    Kelley Holland
    Our Daily Bread designs

  8. Hello,
    I love all your cards. But what tool do you use to cut out your images?
    Keep up the good work and great help you give to others like me.
    I am new at this and hope me cards looks as great as yours.

  9. Sandra Barber says:

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true. I love all your cards. I never get tired of looking at them. And your grandkids are so cute! Love seeing pictures of them too.
    Have a wonderful day, and do something special for you!

  10. How do you manage to get the photo’s of your card so clear and bright. Your cards are amazing and your tutorials are clear to follow.

    Hugs Suzette

  11. Angelika Sebode says:

    Hello, I admire your christmas card with the house mouse stamp “christmas friends”. He is sooooo sweet. I would like to buy this stamp, but I can’t find it in the shops. Can you help me? From which year is this stamp and where can I buy him?
    Best regards Angelika

  12. Susan Brovont says:

    Your cards are so beautiful. I too would be interested in the answers to some of the questions above – do you see your cards and what Copic markers would you suggest for someone just starting out?

  13. Shirley Lacroix says:

    I just love your card using the sweet House Mouse stamp.
    I do not have this one and would so love to have a few of her
    stamped off for me. Right now I’m making cards to say Thank you
    or Thinking of you to the Troops in my son’s Unit over in Afghan.
    They got hit real bad a week ago and we lost one of our troop members.
    And had 8 hurt. So I’m getting ready 170 cards to send to the troops and
    one for the wife of the one that was killed.
    Can you help me with stamping some of your cute stamp so I can have them
    to make some cards for the next time I have to send some cards to the troops.
    I will be doing some for them soon for them to send home to love one’s and this one
    would be great to do that with.


  14. Mary Esther says:

    I am trying your embossing technique from last winter’s FRONT DOOR WREATH…using two nested “Labels Two” dies. I keep getting creases in the cardstock outside the dies. Maybe it is the weight of the cardstock that is making the difference. Or could it be that I don’t have a piece of cork for a buffer? I have tried different combinations of a Cuttlebug Sandwich, but haven’t gotten clean results yet with the embossing.
    Thanks for your advice…at your convenience. I’m sorry to read that you are having an emergency situation and pray that all will be well.
    Mary Esther ~

  15. I LOVE your cards!!!! They are beautiful….I found you on House Mouse blog… I have be lookin at your stuff now for a month and finally decided that I have to subscribe….How do you do the textured backgrounds on your nestie cutouts? I have noticed that on several of your cards? It gives the card sooo much more depth. I think I’m inspired just enough to try my hand at my own blog…I just don’t know how you have the time to keep up with it!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Tina

  16. Love your cards and your coloring. I also do not like to see Magnolias in heels. It makes her look like a 13 year old. Maybe the style comes from Tom Cruises 3 year old wearing heels. I think we should get hold of Magnolia and let them know or maybe those stamps will not sell as well and they will discontinue them.

  17. Robin Mosley says:

    Hi, I absoutely LOVE your “My fairytale came true, the day I met you” card. Can you tell me what color of ribbon and what color of copics you used for this card? My anniversary is on Valentines day and would love to make this card for my husband. This year will be our 25th anniversary!!! I also want to tell you what AWESOME work you do! I check out your blog every single day with excitement! Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration!!!

  18. Sylvia FAvell says:

    I love, love, love your blog. I have been in love with hm stamps for awhile and your tutorials have helped with the colouring.
    I have one question – when you cut out the watercoloured hm designs do you cut out all the little hairs or trim them down. Stupid questions maybe but I thought I would ask.

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration. My local stamp store loves you too as I continue to buy the distress inks and the hm stamps.


  19. Rose Hernandez says:

    Your Luigi tutorial is the best and most comprehensive tutorial I have seen yet!! Your addition of the computer screens is going to make it possible for all of us to do what you did and I thank you for the time it took for you to complete this tutorial. As a professional trainer developing PowerPoint Presentations, I know the time it takes to develop what you did. THANK YOU!!!

  20. Hello, I just want to tell you I absolutely love getting my daily emails from you! Your work is amazing! There are many things I love about your web page, but my favorite is how you post your pictures of the cards. The close up photo first and then the actual whole card. Its a fun surprise! Thanks so much for all the inspirations!

  21. I’ll just get in line with all your other admirers! What AMAZING work you do! I just love the depth of your cards! You take fabulous photos also! I am seriously impressed!!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent!! Vicki

  22. Good morning,

    I am an avid scrapbooking/card making crafter. I often will go visit different websites/blogs for inspiration and I’ve stumbled upon this site. I have to take the time and tell you that I “LOVE” your cards. Love the themes, the color combos and the template ideas that you use. Job well done!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi,
    Love your cards and have bought several Sarah Kay Stamps after seeing how beautiful yours are, my question is what nestabilities do you use for your scalloped edges on these stamps. I have bought a set, but they were too small and I don’t want to repeat the mistake again. Can you be very specific if you would, I am new to them and not sure which size I would need to layer them as you have in some of the Sarah Kay cards you have made. They are beautiful.
    Thank you very much for the time and inspiration

  24. Kendall B says:

    Hi Mary,

    I very much enjoy receiving your blog emails. Your work is marvelous. Would you please let me know what specific copics you used to color in the chicks. They are adorable and I succumbed to temptation and ordered them.

    Kendall at

  25. Elaine Moore says:

    I was wondering who makes the stamp/image you used on the copic challenge 24 (beautiful girl – long hair – black dress) She’s just stunning.

    Elaine M

  26. Sharan Fagan says:

    Could you tell me the name of the stamp you used for the card on the 7 kids web page.

  27. Hi Mary, long time to see!! Even though I am in Texas I still LOVE to look at your masterpieces. You never cease to amaze me! I miss talking to you at the SBM store. Keep up the amazing cards.

  28. Hi Mary,
    I saw on the 7kidscollegefund site and I think that I saw the Princess Tilda done by you. It is so adorable but I have tried every site that I can think of to buy that stamp and cannot find it anywhere. Do you have any insight as to where I can purchase it? Your work is outstanding!!!!!

  29. Hi ya

    I’ve just left a comment on your Tilda with Veil card, but wondered if you’d mind telling me how you actually attached the veil, what you’ve done looks really terrific.


    Judi xx

  30. I love your posts, I wait for them , they are so colorful and beautiful. It inspires me to keep going . So when I see Mycardz on my e-mails , it is one of the first I open. One question tho, you just send one through with a little girl holding a Christmas Stocking with a cat in it. What is the name of that & which company is it from
    Again thank you for all the wonderful examples you send. Hugs Cathy

  31. I love your blog and have a wonderful time perusing it. Your Copic skills are simply divine. I wanted to let you know that I featured your blog on my “Monday’s Treasure Find” today.

  32. Hi Mary, what wonderful cards you make …. Love the one with the new Doohickey tag. So bright & full of bling…
    My question is SERIOUSLY how do you get such great photos & get them on your blog so large. Yours are 5 x 5 & on my blog mine only show up at 3 x 3 …. Is it a setting I need to change or what. I’d appreciate any help you can share …
    Thanks for sharing your work & time with so many of us. It’s very much appreciated …
    Hugs, Janie

  33. Hi Mary….You don’t know me but I have been a fan of your work for sometime now. I am Tracy…owner of Sugar Creek Hollow Digi Stamps. We are a Christian company that specializes in Vintage and Primitive stamps. I am just going to be bold here and ask….would you consider designing for us??? I have another term starting Sept-Dec. You can check out the deatails on our blog at

  34. I love all the cards made by you and the design team but yours are my favorite.

    How do you always have the perfect paper, buttons and bows?


  35. Katharine Allen says:

    Dear Mary,
    Your work is out of this world! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Tilda sure does look comfy in the Orient!!!! I have a question… could you tell me about Tilda’s kimona and the cherry blossoms on it. And I was wondering about the background paper, (where to find it). Thanks again. love, kath

  36. Aloha Mary! I found your website from the Copics Creations blog and just had to tell you that your coloring is FANTASTIC! I am so inspired (and awed!). I followed your tutorial for brunette coloring and just posted a card with my first ever Copic colored image.

    You can check it out here:

    Thank you so much for your awesome tutorial.


  37. Hello I’m Dee and I love, love your work. Everything you do is so super gorgeous and I love getting your email updates. I watched your cut and highlight tutorial and want to know if when you have a very detailed image to cut out, how do you get into all the tiny spaces and not have your image bend when going around a small part of the image. I know you cut almost everything out so if someone would know it would be you.

  38. Thanks for your clear, easy to understand tutorial on using Word Art with rubber stamps to fit cards!!!

    Would so appreciate if you could explain how to computer generate sentiments in a circle to fit an A2 card! Many thanks from someone with years of frustration at trying to do this.

  39. Hi!! I absolutely love your birthday card for Tabitha. Would you mind sharing how you made it and listing the supplies? I love the colors and papers. And of course the stamp – where could I find this stamp?

    Please email when you get a chance.

    Debbie B

  40. Lois Ann Lynn says:

    Love your cards!!! Great ideas – thanks so much for sharing how you do them.

  41. kathy krech says:

    there is just one word WOW!!!!!! how do I subcribe to your link, and post comments,Your site is my fav….. the cards are….well so far over the top, thank you…

  42. Hi Mary!
    Could you PLEASE call me tonite or in the morning???

  43. Aloha! I found your FANTASTIC creations through Copic Creations. Your work is wonderful, the most beautiful coloring. Also love your blog, At the top above your Copic certification you have the most adorable smiley! I clicked on it and went to the site where they have them. I could not find it, and I looked everywhere! Would you please send me the code for it or direct me where I can find it, it is just too adorable. I really appreciate it! Mahalo, Joanne

  44. Pat Pearson says:

    Mary – I just received your email and sent a reply. Just in case you don’t get it please let me know. I thought I would pop in here and leave a msg to make sure you get this. Yes I really, really want my prize that I won. For some strange reason, by emails are not getting to you. The prize is for challenge #50.

  45. Hi Mary,
    just want to say I love your card. Came here for the House Mouse 3rd Anniversary Hop and wanted to leave a comment but it doesn’t work. I had this problem before so I anted to let you know it.
    It’s a fun hop and I’m sure to play along. Within a few days you can find my card on my blog:
    Kindly Regards,

  46. hello mary,

    i LOVEEE this card. can you please make me 2 of these ??
    contact me please…..

  47. My Magnolia Mary,
    I have sooo missed you over this almost a year. I even emailed Suzanne Dean months ago to see if she knew how you were, had heard from you, anything. She was so gracious to email back what she knew, which wasn’t much. So glad to “see” you again…

    I would have posted on your blog yesterday, however, Google has been giving such hoops to jump through for posting on almost anyone’s blog, adding/deleting new/old blogs to/from my email, posting on my own (blogger) blog. That is why today I have decided to start fresh again and try a BLOG again with WordPress! I will keep you posted!

    Welcome back Mary!!!

  48. Fran Gibson says:

    Please consider listing the Copics used by the portion of the image colored: those for hair listed separately, for example, followed by those for skin (by way of example). Having the Copics listed in one grouping makes it much harder to duplicate your awesome sense of color and composition! Thanks.

  49. Have always liked your cards … esp. the house mouse.

  50. Hi there~ my name is Shelly and I have many of your pins saved on Pinterest, I just love your distress ink tutorials. I noticed most of them were quite old on your WordPress page, the most recent post having been in 2019…are you using a different site or name? I’ll also send an email to the address you have listed as your contact on this page.

    Thank you & happy holidays
    Shelly Scherbarth

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